Wellness Tip of the Day

Wellness Tip of the Day: If you eat more than usual, acknowledge your body’s ability to burn the food and turn it into energy. Confidently return to normal eating.

4 thoughts on “Wellness Tip of the Day

  1. Glad your trip was wonderful and you had a great time! I gotta say Hanna, life would be a whole lot more meaningful if you thought less about what you shouldn’t do and just BE with what you are doing. Life is too short for such regimenting…Just be with life and enjoy as it is, as it comes, regardless of right or wrong in your eyes. Just BE….Blessings to you and happy 20th! Quite an accomplishment in this day and age…..Enjoy! VK:)

    • For me, moderation is necessary for wellness and well-being. Moderation is something I enjoy to be conscious of so that I can keep myself in balance. I think of it more as directing my future rather than regimenting. Doing that makes me feel good. Being aware makes me feel good. Being in balance makes me feel good. All of that helps me just be with life and enjoy it as it comes. There are many ways to accomplish the same things. As always, I appreciate you and your comments!

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