Meet Your Coach

I used to lose and regain the same 30 pounds over and over. Several years ago, I began a wellness journey that resulted in me not only losing 34 pounds and getting into the best physical shape of my life, but more importantly changing my thoughts and feelings about myself and my body.

I say more importantly because for years I studied exercise and nutrition, but was consistently overweight and out of shape. Several times I was successful at losing weight, but I could never maintain it. Emotionally, I was like a rubber band that was being pulled tighter and tighter until the tension would become so great that I would lose control and not only regain the weight I lost, but then some.

What was different with this last journey was that I combined exercise and healthy eating with personal and spiritual growth. I learned that achieving optimal wellness is truly a journey from the inside out.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. I can help you break through the inner blocks that have literally been weighing you down.

Contact me if you are ready to make the life of your dreams a reality.