Satisfy the Craving Without the Food

How do you think that the experience of eating a piece of cake will make you feel?

Yes, I know it will feel good, but be specific.

Satisfied? Content? Comforted? Connected with others who are eating it? Loved?

Overeating is often an attempt to find the love you crave and fill the void your are feeling in your heart and soul with food. It is looking in the wrong place to feel satisfied, content, comforted, connected, and loved.

What if you could easily get the feelings you really want from eating that piece of cake without ever having to lift a bite to your mouth? What if the feelings were more delicious than any piece of cake could possibly be? And what if those feelings inspired action that made your wellness goals faster, easier, and more fun to achieve?

Would you be willing to give it a try? Would you be willing to spend just a few minutes a day to get it? Would you be willing to look for and notice the changes you are experiencing so you can keep building on your success?

Would you be willing to let it be that simple?

If so, keep reading!

Now imagine yourself having achieved your wellness goal.

How does that feel? (Remember, be specific and feel it right now!)

It might be something like:

“Being 10 pounds lighter makes me feel confident. It makes me feel attractive. It makes me feel strong and beautiful. It feels invigorating and it makes me want to give my workout my all. It feels satisfying to slip on my jeans and have them be comfortable, and to know that I look good. It feels like being energized and alive. It feels healthy. It feels like confidence in the choices I’m making. It feels like being connected to my Higher Self. It feels like being who I am meant to be. It feels like being relaxed and confident in my body. It feels like appreciation for how hard my body is working on my behalf in ways that take no effort from me. My heart is pumping, my blood is flowing, I am breathing in and out, my immune system and metabolism are functioning beautifully. It feels like appreciation for all the healthy food I have eaten and the workouts I have gotten in, and for how amazingly my body has responded. It feels like satisfaction. It feels like contentment. It feels like love.”

Doesn’t’ that feel delicious? Doesn’t’ that feel way better than you feel when you eat a piece of cake? Doesn’t that feel even better than it felt when you were 10 pounds lighter? Don’t you now know that the apple will taste better and feel better than a piece of cake? Don’t you want to go move your body and give your workout your all?

That’s how easy it is to feel that way right now.

Practice that feeling. And reach for it when you start to feel tempted to give into a craving. Practice it before a workout. Practice it before you eat your healthy meal. Practice it going to sleep every night. Practice it when you wake up.

Can you feel how much easier it is to meet your wellness goals?

Together we can do it!

7 thoughts on “Satisfy the Craving Without the Food

  1. A well crafted piece which includes a positive visualisation exercise. However I am not so sure what trigger would need to be put in place to shift to such a visualisation when one is feeling down and about to turn towards food or hit the bottle for comfort. Usually, the mind is numbed during such times and eating/drinking binges become unconscious responses.



    • That is why you must practice it. Consistently. And often. Practicing it when you are feeling good will make it easier to reach for the feeling you are truly seeking when you are feeling down and tempted. Why don’t you practice it a while and see if you can feel the difference? Thanks for commenting!

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