You Only Need One Thing to Make 2013 Your Year!

Love YourselfHappy New Year!

You may be spending this day reflecting on 2012, and setting intentions and making resolutions for 2013.

Would you consider adding something to your list?

How about putting “Love Yourself” at the very top?

This is the primary intention I’m setting for myself in 2013.

I thought I had “loving myself” down. But as I’ve challenged myself to step up in a big way to better serve you, some of those old, negative voices have resurfaced. My business is expanding rapidly, and I’m learning how to up-level my energy to meet the new flow of clients and income.

And this has been a huge gift.

Because it is a vivid reminder of the pain I used to feel on a daily basis as I struggled with my weight. Feeling this old self-doubt and self-criticism has absolutely reinforced my focus and commitment to not only step up my own self-love—but to help you Love Your Way Slim.

No woman deserves to feel this self-inflicted pain.

Fortunately I have the tools, resources, and support to transform my inner critic so that it becomes a powerfully supportive—and loving—ally.

There are a lot of misconceptions about self-love. Self-love is not about conceit or thinking you are “higher and mightier” than anyone else.

In fact, when you are coming from a true place of self-love, it spills over onto everyone—and everything—else.

And a huge bonus! Loving yourself generates positive physical processes that are not only good for your health, but make it easier to release weight.

Loving yourself actually inspires loving action—towards yourself and others.

When you recognize and acknowledge your own intrinsic value, you automatically see it in others. When you feel an abundance of love there is no need to limit the love you give in any way.

So my wish for you in 2013 is that you make loving yourself your number one priority. 

With much love, appreciation, and wishes for 2013 to be your year,


Hanna Goss, CPC, ELI-MP

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What’s the Best Diet?

I just did a search on for diet books.

There were 71,652 results.

What this means is there is no one “right” way for everyone on the planet to eat—or to lose weight.

Think about it. A piece of fruit may be the best food choice for you, but to a diabetic, it could be harmful. Thus the ancient saying, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

To lose weight, it comes down to the simple formula of taking in fewer calories than you expend. And there are lots of ways to achieve that.

I know women who are slim and healthy who eat a low carb diet, as well as some who eat a high carb diet, who are vegetarians and vegans, who eat only raw foods, or whole foods, the French way, the Mediterranean way, or the paleo way, etc., etc.

So both the challenge and the opportunity is that you have to take responsibility to find the plan for healthy eating that works best for you, that you will enjoy enough to follow consistently, and that is flexible enough to allow you to not only live your life now, but to change, grow, and evolve.

Because what is a healthy step for you today, may be different tomorrow.

For instance, if all you eat is potato chips, a healthier step for you would be a chicken sandwich. Is a chicken sandwich the healthiest choice? No, but it is progress from where you are. And as you get used to making that better choice, it is an easier step to the next healthy level of grilled chicken over salad.

One of the things that trips so many women up is that they think they have to go from eating nothing but potato chips to only organic chicken and steamed vegetables. That’s awesome if you can maintain it, but it’s often just too big a leap. It leads to them feeling deprived.

This is because they haven’t taken the necessary steps to change their underlying thoughts and emotions about what they want, why they want to make healthier choices, and what making healthier choices means to their life.

If the dietary leap is too big, most often they aren’t able to sustain it. If they are able to reach their goal, as soon as they hit the mark they go right back to eating potato chips and regain the weight.

While improving your eating habits slowly and steadily may take a little longer to reach your goals, isn’t the end result the same? And isn’t pulling on your jeans a year later and still having them fit absolutely and totally worth it?

Still, with so many options, how do you know which plan is right for you?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your definition of optimal wellness? (Truly, this looks different to each person and it’s helpful to get really clear about what this means for you.)
  • What are your goals? (Both short-term and long-term)
  • How well will the eating plan move you towards your goals and your vision of optimal wellness?
  • How likely is it to be healthy long-term?
  • How much will you enjoy the plan? (This is key!)
  • How likely are you to be able to make it a lifestyle?

Ultimately, the best eating plan is the one that you will enjoy enough to do consistently and enables you to make a series of increasingly healthy choices long-term.

What choice can you make today that will be a small step towards your ultimate wellness goals?

Together we can do it!

Signs of Progress

One year ago today, I published my first blog on this site.

That was me lining up my thoughts and beliefs with my actions and desires, and saying a big “Yes!” to the future I envisioned.

Since then, I have not only published a wellness tip and a blog six days a week, but I have interacted with you fabulous readers, read some amazing writing on others’ blogs, been inspired and hopefully given inspiration—maybe even to you.

I also successfully dealt with my own wellness challenges—including a major surgery—improved my nutrition, and have maintained my weight and fitness level.

In addition, I completed my coaching certifications and my business has taken off—I’ve even hired a business coach to help me with it. I’m super excited about the changes I have coming as a result, including a new website, coaching programs, e-book, beach-side Love Your Way Slim retreat, and much, much more!

More importantly, I love my life—and the people in it—more than I ever dreamed possible!

My intention with this blog has been—and will remain—to inspire and provide value to you fabulous readers. Each blog is an expression of how much I appreciate your time, your energy, where you are in life and on your wellness journey, our connection, and Who you are as a person.

Thank you for all the follows, likes, awards, support, and comments. They have all been felt and appreciated. And the greatest honor of all has been your letting me know when a blog has moved or inspired you.

And I especially want to thank all you readers who have been with me from those early days. Knowing you were reading and cheering me on made all the difference in the world. Much love and appreciation to each of you.

Here’s to the changes and growth we will all experience together in the coming year. I look forward to connecting more deeply with you as we share our personal wellness journeys.

Together we can do it!


PS Just for fun, here is my first post. I’ve come a long way, baby!

Celebrate the Signs!

Posted on September 3, 2011

Wellness Tip of the Weekend: Have faith in your ability to make the decisions that will create optimal health—and then follow through with them.

Every moment of every day we are creating our life. Each decision will either hold us in place or move us towards the person we want to become. If you want to be fit, strong, and lean, then consistently make the decisions that someone who is fit, strong, and lean would make.

Each successful decision, each pound lost–each tiny sign of progress–is like the scenery passing by on a car trip. It is the landmark on the map showing you that you are moving towards the person you want to be. Celebrate those signs, no matter how small! It means you are succeeding!

Together we can do it!



How Much Power are You Giving to the Scale?

Does having your gas gauge in your car read “empty” ruin your whole day? Do you post about it on your blog and tell all your friends what a failure it makes you?

Do you measure the air in your tires, and sit down on the curb and cry because it doesn’t show the number you wanted?

When you figure out the average number of miles you drive on a gallon of gas and it hasn’t’ changed from the day or week before, do you berate yourself with what an awful person you are—and go find comfort in a donut?

Then why are you doing that after you step on the bathroom scale?

Most women that I work with give way too much of their personal power to the scale. In their minds, not only does it measure how well they’ve done sticking to their exercise and eating plans, but it also measures their self-worth.

In truth, neither of these is the case.

The scale is just a tool—and a faulty one at that—that can be used to help you release weight. Using it consistently gives you a general idea of where you are your journey.

It typically does not accurately measure body fat—which is what you really want to know—and because weight is impacted by things like hormones, salt, sleep, etc., etc., it can go up and down for what feels like no reason.

When it becomes the deciding factor in the quality of your day and crashes your self-esteem, it is actually doing you harm. You might as well throw it away. It is holding you back, keeping you stuck, and making the weight stick to you like glue.

This is because the negative emotions you feel after stepping on the scale are generating catabolic energy that releases the stress hormone cortisol, adrenaline, and other chemicals that literally cannibalize your body. They break down your immune system, stress your heart, and impact your muscles. They also impact your metabolism and other weight-related systems making it easier to gain and harder to release weight.

By giving the scale the power to measure your value you are robbing yourself of the immense power you actually do have to get the body you want.

You can reclaim some of that power right now by deciding that you will no longer allow an inanimate object that at best is an inaccurate tool from dictating how you feel.

Until you can step on the scale and feel good about yourself—regardless of what number it reads—you are better off using a measuring tape, fat-measuring calipers, or even how well your jeans fit as your gauge to determine your progress.

Your value as a person is far greater than the number on the scale. And when you align your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with your actions, you will be amazed at the progress you make.

How can you measure your progress in a way that will help move your towards your goals, rather than hold you back?

Together we can do it!



Satisfy the Craving Without the Food

How do you think that the experience of eating a piece of cake will make you feel?

Yes, I know it will feel good, but be specific.

Satisfied? Content? Comforted? Connected with others who are eating it? Loved?

Overeating is often an attempt to find the love you crave and fill the void your are feeling in your heart and soul with food. It is looking in the wrong place to feel satisfied, content, comforted, connected, and loved.

What if you could easily get the feelings you really want from eating that piece of cake without ever having to lift a bite to your mouth? What if the feelings were more delicious than any piece of cake could possibly be? And what if those feelings inspired action that made your wellness goals faster, easier, and more fun to achieve?

Would you be willing to give it a try? Would you be willing to spend just a few minutes a day to get it? Would you be willing to look for and notice the changes you are experiencing so you can keep building on your success?

Would you be willing to let it be that simple?

If so, keep reading!

Now imagine yourself having achieved your wellness goal.

How does that feel? (Remember, be specific and feel it right now!)

It might be something like:

“Being 10 pounds lighter makes me feel confident. It makes me feel attractive. It makes me feel strong and beautiful. It feels invigorating and it makes me want to give my workout my all. It feels satisfying to slip on my jeans and have them be comfortable, and to know that I look good. It feels like being energized and alive. It feels healthy. It feels like confidence in the choices I’m making. It feels like being connected to my Higher Self. It feels like being who I am meant to be. It feels like being relaxed and confident in my body. It feels like appreciation for how hard my body is working on my behalf in ways that take no effort from me. My heart is pumping, my blood is flowing, I am breathing in and out, my immune system and metabolism are functioning beautifully. It feels like appreciation for all the healthy food I have eaten and the workouts I have gotten in, and for how amazingly my body has responded. It feels like satisfaction. It feels like contentment. It feels like love.”

Doesn’t’ that feel delicious? Doesn’t’ that feel way better than you feel when you eat a piece of cake? Doesn’t that feel even better than it felt when you were 10 pounds lighter? Don’t you now know that the apple will taste better and feel better than a piece of cake? Don’t you want to go move your body and give your workout your all?

That’s how easy it is to feel that way right now.

Practice that feeling. And reach for it when you start to feel tempted to give into a craving. Practice it before a workout. Practice it before you eat your healthy meal. Practice it going to sleep every night. Practice it when you wake up.

Can you feel how much easier it is to meet your wellness goals?

Together we can do it!

Are You Having the Day You Want?

My husband, David, remarked to me the other day that I seemed to be taking a long time to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s because I’m refusing to put my feet on the floor until I feel wonderful! And sometimes I am reveling so much in the deliciousness of the bed and the sweetness of my dog and cats who are all snuggled in around and on top of me that I just get lost in a little bit of bliss.

Far from making my morning stressed and harried, I’m finding that taking the time to set the tone for the day I want to live means I am more energetic, efficient, and I accomplish more.

And it’s so much more fun along the way!

I’m patient and loving with the dogs during their morning routine. I’m eager to give my workout my all. My blog just seems to write itself. The day flows with ease and grace.

Believe me, it hasn’t always been this way.

I used to be a firm believer that things had to be hard to be worthwhile. That achieving goals was a struggle. That getting stuff done took effort, exertion, and stress.

What a revelation that it’s not true!

In fact, just being relaxed and consistently moving forward means I am making more progress—and am loving the journey!

If you no longer expect your wellbeing to show up only when you achieve your goal, but you allow yourself to experience the feeling of wellbeing right now—ahh! The hackneyed saying about enjoying the journey then makes sense.

You are having fun with the people you are engaging with. You are focused and eager. You are enjoying more, laughing more, and appreciating more. Your heart just sings.

And it’s easier to feel when you have fallen out of that high energy place. And because you can feel the difference, you know that it’s worth taking the few minutes to shift your energy back into a positive, anabolic state.

You can do that by:

  • Making a list of things you appreciate, and then reading it
  • Drinking a glass of water and focusing on how each sip feels in your mouth and as it slips down your throat
  • Taking 3 to 10 deep breaths
  • Focusing on the buzz of your computer or hum of the air conditioner
  • Looking out the window and focusing on a bird or plant
  • Putting your hand on your heart and counting the beats
  • Thinking about your pets, kids, or anything that makes you go Ahhh

Just do one of those things for a few minutes until you feel a sense of relief.

And then tomorrow, don’t get out of bed until you feel appreciation for something in your life. See how long you can maintain a positive feeling. Notice what is different when you consciously set the tone for the day you want to live.

Together we can do it!


Feeling Fabulous!

Yesterday was my birthday.

In Friday’s blog I sketched out a plan to navigate the food and drink from the celebratory weekend so that come Monday morning, I would feel good body, mind, and spirit, and be back on the healthy track.

I am happy to report that I feel fabulous!

As I sit to write this blog, my workout is complete and my healthy meal plan resumed. I also had an amazing time with my folks who came to town to help celebrate, and I thoroughly enjoyed all that we ate and drank.

While I definitely ate more than unusual, I did practice reasonable moderation and didn’t go crazy. I don’t feel the least bit deprived. In fact, I feel thoroughly feted.

While I didn’t follow my plan exactly, I did find it extremely helpful to have thought out what I wanted to do, and to reach out to you fabulous readers for accountability. Remembering that I was going to have to report back to you was a great curb to going back for seconds on desserts, or ordering a second cocktail.

But here’s the real key—I definitely had some splurges and I wasn’t perfect. It would be easy to beat myself up over those. But instead, I’m choosing to look at all the times I did push back from the table, stopped at one glass of wine, and got my planned workouts in.

Building on small successes generates positive momentum that moves you towards your goal.

Focusing on the negative—as I used to always do—drains your momentum and zaps your energy, which means you are more likely to go ahead and keep eating because all is lost anyway.

Not only did focusing on the positive help me maintain a reasonable level of moderation, it helped me maintain my mental and emotional energy over the weekend, and as a result I had one of the best visits with my family that I can recall. It was relaxed, loving, and fun.

It hasn’t always been this way. They didn’t change—I did.

Here are my wins from the weekend:

  • Got in both my planned workouts
  • Had a wonderful visit with my folks
  • Was loving and appreciative of my awesome husband
  • I never let myself get too hungry
  • Where I could, I made healthier choices (gluten free crackers and chips, sauces on the side, the entrée with more vegetables, etc.)
  • Often shared meals or packed up half to take home
  • Limited alcohol
  • Was mindful of getting full
  • Savored what I was eating
  • Savored the delicious moments with my family

What can you do to shift your focus from where you weren’t perfect to what you did well? How do you think building on small successes and feeling that positive momentum will help you move towards your wellness goal?

Together we can do it!

Is That What You Really Want?

What do you want more of? Time? Wellness? Fun?

Are your actions moving you towards what you want, or away from it?

For instance, if you want more wellness and a slimmer waistline, but you habitually snack on sweets every afternoon, your actions are moving you away from what you want.

What do you want more; snacking on sweets or slimness? If your higher priority is being slim, and you believe eating sweets to be counter to that, than clearly you will have to choose a different afternoon snack.

The snag that keeps people from letting go of the sweets is it feels like an “all or nothing” choice. But choosing a leaner and healthier afternoon snack doesn’t mean you will never get to eat sweets again. It just means that more often than not, you are going to align your actions with your goals.

And here is the surprise. Even though you are giving up the small pleasure of enjoying a sweet every afternoon, aligning your actions with your true goals results in a surge of joy that is way more powerful than that momentary pleasure.

It feels so good to be Who you want to be!

Most people don’t realize the internal conflict it sets up in themselves to consistently act in a way that is incongruent with Who they say they want to be. Your inner two-year-old may throw a momentary fit at giving up the candy bar, but you are effectively shutting yourself off from your life-force when your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are out of alignment with your goals.

You know you are doing this when you feel guilt, self-criticism, discouragement. These emotions are like warning bells going off letting you know that you are powerfully asking All-That-Is for something—wellness and a trim body—but are actively thwarting the delivery of that gift.

Those chronic negative, catabolic emotions are way more detrimental to your body than the temporary dust-up caused by telling yourself “No” to a candy bar. Consistently assaulting your body with destructive catabolic energy literally eats away at your cells.

The bottom line is you are not going to feel good if your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are not in alignment with your goals.

Being proud of yourself for sticking to your eating plan, and the joy of having a body that looks and feels good actually generates positive, anabolic energy that supports you in achieving your goals, and begins a cycle that makes it easier to choose an apple over a candy bar.

Examine your habits. Are your actions supporting your goals? Where do you need to make new decisions that reflect your priorities? How different does that feel?

Together we can do it!

A Change in Plans

I know you all are on the edge of your seats wondering why there was no Wellness Tip of the Weekend or blog yesterday. (Please note a hint of sarcasm.)

While I know this probably didn’t make a ripple in your day, it was the first time since last September that I had not met my goal of having a wellness tip and blog posted Monday through Saturday.

The great news? I didn’t freak out or even stress about it. That my fabulous friends is huge progress! In the past I would have ruminated on it all day and killed myself trying to find another way to post. I love that I was able to let it go.

And I’m following up today with a short blog to let you know what happened. So I’m still meeting my 6 blogs-a-week goal.

The silver linings are endless!

So what happened?

Not to be anticlimactic or anything, but when I woke up yesterday, our Internet service was out. It was only restored about an hour ago.

This time without Internet access was truly a gift as I was able to get a lot of other things done, rest, and have some quality time with my husband.

We are often so scheduled and planned in our lives that we don’t allow the Universe to lead us to the opportunities that might fulfill us at a deeper and more profound level, or truly move us forward to who we are and what we want.

The Internet being out was my signal to let go of control and look for other meaningful ways to spend my time.

If you’re focused on your priorities and still get interrupted or side-tracked, throw away your to-do list. Do your best to go with the flow, keeping your eyes and mind open to the gifts that are coming your way.

Together we can do it!

Ease Up for Ultimate Control

I woke up this morning to a gentle rain falling. My husband is out of town, and the animals are extra-loving and the house is quiet. So I took time to sleep-in, meditate, and relax.

The past couple of weeks have been powerful and full of opportunities, and I’ve experienced a lot of change and growth. I also have a lot on my to-do list—much of it things I really want to do and all of it I want done right now.

One of my biggest opportunities has been to practice what I preach about self-care. And a big part of self-care is listening to your body.

It’s easy for me to get caught around the axil of being goal-driven, eating prescribed meals at certain times, and doing my planned intense exercise—no matter what.

While that serves me most of the time, and I think is generally good practice, there are times when what my body (and mind!) really needs is a little kindness, to be treated gently, to be allowed to rest.

After all, if you are driving your car under wet or difficult conditions, the solution for more control is to ease up on the gas pedal, not slam your foot down.

When I don’t listen and ease up, my body will usually alert me to the need with increasing pain, which I’ve been experiencing in my knees and shoulder. If I continue to not listen, I’ll very likely wind up with an injury that will force me to rest.

Having experienced this in the past, I’m working on being more mindful and listening to my body before it gets to that breaking point.

This week, that’s looked like more sleep, easy and gentle movement, and still healthy but less rigid eating.

While my body is experiencing some relief that is letting me know this week of rest was needed, there is a part of me that is afraid if I let up on the intensity at all I will slide back into old patterns, lose the progress that I have made, and once again struggle with my weight.

It is the fear that by easing up at all, I will lose all control and before I know it, I’ll be back at square one.

Just articulating that fear feels like relief.

So I’ll ask myself what I might ask a client.

How reasonable is that fear?

I am a different person now than I even was yesterday, much less two to three years ago. I’ve come a long way, baby! Over the past three years, I’ve not only released the weight, I’ve maintained my new svelte figure. That is evidence of a new and different me.

While there is always the chance that I could fall back into old patterns, it’s not very likely. I know more. I am more. If my weight started creeping up, I would know exactly what to do about it and have lots more emotional and spiritual tools in my toolbox that would help. Plus, I’m learning more every day.

And let’s say the worst did happen, and I didn’t get back on track and I refound the weight. Looking back, I now see that my struggles with my weight were perfect for me and were important to helping me get where I am now. It has been key to my ability to relate to so many other women, to find the missing link that causes 90 percent of diets to fail, and to fully see the beauty and magnificence inside every woman.

If I were to go through the up and down again, wouldn’t there be an amazing opportunity for me to grow and become even more, and to be of even greater service to others?


So today, I’m going to continue my self-care. I will do gentle and easy movement. I will reach for foods that feel like my body is asking for. I will do work if that feels fun, or I will rest or read if that feels more needed. I will meet up with friends at a book signing and for dinner tonight, and I will be present and loving, and allow us all to be exactly where we are.

And tomorrow, I will evaluate where I am and what my body feels like it needs. And I’ll look forward to continuing to feel strong, fit, and lean.

What do you need to do for your own self-care today? How can you balance your goals with the messages you are getting from your body? What are your indications that it’s time to push and move forward, or that it’s time to ease up and rest? What difference does that make to living the life of your dreams?

Together we can do it!

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