Progress Not Perfection

My 18-week Transformation Challenge is complete and I am excited to report that I met—and even surpassed—almost all of my goals.

And I’ll admit that the recovering perfectionist in me is a little disappointed that I wasn’t perfect. Good to know that I still (and will forever and always) have internal work to do!

Progress not perfection!

One of my main goals was to measure my success by how much I enjoyed the process. This was a huge win! The past 18 weeks have been phenomenal! I truly have met my goal of living a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling life that is meaningful to myself and others.

What this means is that I’m weaning myself off obsession and living life more fully and in balance. This is an important shift to make for long-term sustainability. Life is meant to be lived fully.

Some other wins:

  • Consistently improved my nutrition
  • Recovered and significantly improved my fitness after my surgery in December (went from struggling to do 5 to 10 knee push ups at a pop to 20 to 30 knee push ups. Personal best was 255 knee push ups in a workout!)
  • Weaned myself off all regular prescription drugs
  • Reconnected with family
  • Shifted negative catabolic energy around deadlines, money, and my body
  • Meditated daily
  • Achieved two coaching certifications
  • Definitely let go of some limiting beliefs
  • Lost 2 inches from my waist
  • Lost 1 inch from my hips and each thigh
  • Was able to get back into my size 4 shorts
  • Lost 6 pounds
  • Went from 24.6 to 21.5 body fat percentage

Significant progress right?

Where I fell short was that I didn’t meet my goal of getting down to 19 percent body fat or losing 10 pounds of fat. So I’m going to evaluate my goals—what do I want now? Why do I want those goals? Are they the right goals for me?—and will refocus on a new challenge.

For me, goals are important because there are always opportunities to strive to improve, grow, and evolve. But meeting the goals is not really the true objective. To me, the true goal is to live life to the fullest every step along the way.

No goal is every achieved alone. I would like to thank all of you fabulous readers for supporting me along this journey, as well as my amazing coach, Jenn Barley, the women in my Fabulous Friends accountability group, and the incredible folks in the Transformation Mastery Group. The biggest thanks, however, goes out to my best friend and husband, David, whose love and support makes me a better person every day. Thank you honey!

What are your goals? Why are they important to you? How much are you enjoying the process of moving towards them? What is your definition of success?

Together we can do it!

19 thoughts on “Progress Not Perfection

  1. Congratulations Hanna! Those are some huge wins.
    Progress not perfection! That’s a great reminder and I am going to tell myself that often!

  2. Congrats!! I am so happy for you! I have been motivated even more to make healthier changes for myself without too much pressure of perfection.

    Many blessings to you as you press forward and continuing to achieve.


      • You are welcome Hanna! Thanks about me and my perfection! I started lettiing go by the time baby #2 started crawling and getting into stuff! With 5 children stairstep in age, I had to let go of a lot things that was a bad habit as a teen. I was very tidy but very anal in character. Selflessness became a part of me when I decided I wanted to have a big family. My body does not look the same but I can take care of what I have to the best of my abililty! 🙂

        • Love it! Just remember that it is important to take care of you, too. It’s easy for Mom’s to get so used to taking care of everyone else to forget that if they don’t have it to give, they aren’t helping. But it sounds like you have found the right balance! Way to go!

          • Thank you so much! I totally agree! I have gotten back into running. I broke a toe and bruised a few others so I was limited to doing much but I am back on it! I also decided (though I never ate much of it ) to give up meat. I manily ate fish, turkey and chicken baked, broiled or grilled but now I really have to make up my protein with beans and such even though I was already eating them as a part of my healthy diet. My 12yr old daughter became a vegetarian by her own choice 2.5 yrs ago and is doing quite well so I figure that I can survive too and still maintain healthy standards. The best you to my dear for all you do. I am stepping out more the older I get! (my apologies for the long replies back!)

              • (giggles) Awww thank you for understanding and acutally loving long replies! Thank you as well for my accomplishments as well as the examples I am setting for my children. It’s some effort but my husband and I try to do right by them as we bring them up. Btw, I have daughter with your name. Her’s has an ‘h” on the end. (Hannah)

                Looking forward to more Goss Coaching tips!

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