Feeling Generous?

As we were getting ready for bed last night, my husband David shared an unexpected experience he’d had in the dentist’s chair that afternoon. While the doctor was busy in his mouth, there was a TV screen for him to watch, but with the sound turned off.

The program was the Ellen DeGeneres Show and he watched as Ellen gave a young single mother a stack of cash tied in a bow, and a new car that had yet another stack of bills stashed in the glove compartment.

Even with no sound and no idea of the woman’s story, David was moved watching this demonstration of generosity, and we both marveled at how much fun it would be to give so abundantly.

As I contemplated giving before drifting off to sleep, I realized that whether we know it or not, each of us is giving all day, every day, in ways that are more profound than the gift of money, things, or even our time.

You are the gift. And how you show up in life is the gift you are giving. The question is, are you giving the gift you intend?

Imagine being in line to check out at the grocery store. There are people in front of you and behind you. Are you giving them the gift of impatience and frustration, which is emanating out of you at a frequency that can be measured, or are you perhaps giving them contentment or peace?

What do you want to give?

How about when you get to the checkout person? Are you giving that person the gift of a smile and appreciation, or gruffness and criticism, or perhaps even indifference?

How do you think what you are giving makes that checkout person feel? What gift do you think they are giving in turn?

We are not islands stewing in our own emotion. What we are feeling and expressing is what we are giving to everyone we encounter—and to the world.

What are you giving most of the time? Is that what you want to be giving?

If not, how can you begin to shift your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to better align with Who you want to be?

How would it feel to be able to give the gift of a smile, pat on the back, praise, or just emanate appreciation and joy right now?

Together we can do it!

Photo by akeeris / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

11 thoughts on “Feeling Generous?

  1. I always make a point of speaking to the checkout person and thanking them. The gift I receive in return? More often than not it is a smile and sincere, “Have a nice day”. And I do =0)

  2. OMG, I watched this show as well, and I contemplated blogging about it, but just couldn’t put the right words together! Amazing how we are on the same wavelength! This young woman Jackie is a true example of the Law of Attraction. She asked, she obviously believed in Ellen, and she just have felt it too, because she received! Let’s just hope she uses this gift in a positive way and continues to spread her gratitude to others! It’s a wonderful thing that Ellen did!

    • I love it! And when you think about what Ellen is doing by helping people let go of their cares for just a bit, everyday, she is not only giving great joy but she in enabling millions of others to give more to the world, too. She’s pretty darn awesome! Thanks for posting!

  3. I heard you’ve been feeling very generous lately. Well, you don’t have to tie the stack of cash with a bow, I will take mine in an envelop mailed to this address: 100 Just kidding Road. Anyway, thank you for a great post and good reminder about giving the best of our lives. Love, patience, goodness, kindness, tenderness, etc… and not the bad stuff, rudeness, intolerance, gossip and lies.
    Here is my gift to you – GREAT JOB, excellent post!

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