You Promised!

I have a lot of excuses that I could use for not writing a blog today. I could use any one of them to justify my not showing up.

My commitment to have a blog up six days a week that inspires you fabulous readers could be fulfilled by posting an older blog or reblogging someone else’s post. But I’ve already planned to reblog a friend’s post tomorrow.

To honor the promise I’ve made to myself, it was important to me that I show up today.

It’s so easy to let those commitments to ourselves slide. I certainly do it, and there are times when you just have to make another choice. But that’s not Who I want to be.

Keeping self-promises is even more important than keeping your promises to others. How can you expect to keep promises to others if you continually show yourself that promises are meant to be broken? And if you come to expect that promises are meant to be broken, how can you trust the promises of others?

Pay attention to the promises you make to yourself. How often do you excuse your way out of them? How much harder does that make it to fulfill your promises to others? What can you do to better honor yourself today?

Together we can do it!


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6 thoughts on “You Promised!

  1. I am so proud of you for keeping this promise to yourself. I know that some days it’s easy to look for a shortcut, but some really good insights have come on those days when you might have “given in”. I appreciate your consistency and dedication, and I’m sure other regular readers do, too. Love you!

  2. Thank you for keeping your self-promise today…this is EXACTLY the message I needed to hear Hanna. I’m currently struggling with this…logically I know that I have to love and respect myself before I can give that to others (by keeping self promises and at times breaking promises to others), but how can one do that and not feel, and be experienced as, selfish? What is the line between self-care and selfishness?

    • How are you defining selfish? Who is truly being selfish if the other person wants you to meet their needs? How much more energy do you have when it comes from a place of wanting to give it rather than having to?

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