How Did Your Dream Come True?

There’s a fine line between knowing what the obstacles, pitfalls, and dangers are and using them as an excuse not to go after what you want, or to enjoy the blessings that you have right now.

Most people are doing way more excuse-making and fear-focusing than they are careful strategizing and navigation, or appreciation. They just look for the worst possible outcome and use that as the reason not to do something, or not to be in the moment.

Here’s a quick way to check how fear-focused you are. You are driving and narrowly miss having a collision with another car. After the hit of adrenalin has passed, do you tell your family, friends, coworkers–and maybe even strangers–all about the crazy driver that almost hit you, how scary it was, or how close you were to disaster?

Or do you think, talk, and focus more on how blessed you are that you’re safe, how often you move through life unscathed, and how grateful you are for your healthy body and fully functioning car?

Can you feel the difference?

This doesn’t mean that you don’t pay attention to where you are and where you are going, but it does mean putting problems and obstacles into perspective (how likely is the worst possible outcome, anyway?) and then figuring out how you would navigate around it should you encounter it.

Often, we just take the word or experience of others to keep us from moving forward. For instance, I have a friend who won’t let her husband get on the roof to clean out the gutters because she knew someone who fell off their roof and was severely injured.

That was a tragedy for sure, but how often do people get up on their roofs and clean out their gutters without incident? I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s a lot more often than the people who fall off. And what security measures could he take while working on the roof? Is there a way to curtail the danger and still achieve the goal of cleaning out the gutters?

Have you ever heard parents admonishing their kids, “Don’t run because you might fall and hurt yourself”? Do the temporary tears caused by a skinned knee really outweigh the joy and exuberance of running?

I love Marcia Wieder’s question, “What would you do today if you were more committed to your dream than to your doubts and fears?”

And I’ll add to it. What would you do if you knew every obstacle had a way around it? How much more open to the solutions do you think you might be if you spent more time thinking, talking, and focusing on all the reasons your dream can come true instead of all the reasons it can’t?

Together we can do it!

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Wellness Tip of the Day


Wellness Tip of the Day: Physical energy is the foundation of everything you do. Your commitment to healthy eating, exercise, and rest impacts all areas of life.

You Promised!

I have a lot of excuses that I could use for not writing a blog today. I could use any one of them to justify my not showing up.

My commitment to have a blog up six days a week that inspires you fabulous readers could be fulfilled by posting an older blog or reblogging someone else’s post. But I’ve already planned to reblog a friend’s post tomorrow.

To honor the promise I’ve made to myself, it was important to me that I show up today.

It’s so easy to let those commitments to ourselves slide. I certainly do it, and there are times when you just have to make another choice. But that’s not Who I want to be.

Keeping self-promises is even more important than keeping your promises to others. How can you expect to keep promises to others if you continually show yourself that promises are meant to be broken? And if you come to expect that promises are meant to be broken, how can you trust the promises of others?

Pay attention to the promises you make to yourself. How often do you excuse your way out of them? How much harder does that make it to fulfill your promises to others? What can you do to better honor yourself today?

Together we can do it!


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