You Have Response-Ability

I’ve been struggling with writing an article all week. The more time I spend on that article, the further I fall behind on meeting my other deadlines, which results in a feeling of stress that zaps my energy and makes writing the article even harder.

How often do you get caught in this same kind of negative catabolic-energy spiral? Maybe what you want to accomplish is working out, but you’re too tired or busy and you miss it, and then you start beating yourself up, which makes getting in your next workout even harder. You can insert any task that you’re struggling with into this type of catabolic-energy loop.

It’s time to stop this crazy train!

What I know is that I have the response-ability for bringing my purpose, commitment, and spiritual connection into everything I do. So yesterday, I put aside the article for a bit and thought about how I want my sense of purpose to support me in this task. I also wrote out a list of all the reasons I love writing for a living.

Taking the time to shift my perspective helped generate a more positive anabolic outlook that allowed me to tap into and be supported by my spiritual beliefs and connection. Taking the time to do that helped bring me some clarity and focus, so that I was finally able to make some significant progress on the article, which I will finish this morning.

The task I was faced with didn’t change. What changed was how I felt about doing it.

It doesn’t matter if the task you’re facing is a mountain of laundry, a million-dollar deal, or being the best parent you can be to a rambunctious kid. Think about how you can bring your purpose, commitment, and spiritual connection into everything you do.

When you stop expecting the task or situation to change or go away, and instead use your response-ability to shift your energy, focus, and feelings, you begin showing up as the person you want to be.

Together we can do it!

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Even When Working Out is Hard it’s Easier

I woke up with a headache this morning. Meditating for an hour didn’t relieve it. I seriously debated going back to bed instead of going upstairs to workout.

But I have practiced thinking about all the reasons I do want to work out so much that it was pretty easy to overcome this little hump of resistance and workout anyway.

I reminded myself that:

  • I will feel better after working out. (And I did!)
  • My full day will be a lot more fulfilling if I get my workout in.
  • I have more energy and a better frame of mind when I work out.
  • I love the health benefits of working out.
  • I want to be fully present and engaged in everything I have planned today—writing this blog, writing an article, coaching clients—and that will be so much easier if I work out.
  • I love the results I get from consistently working out and building lean muscle mass.
  • I love being authentic in encouraging others towards optimal wellness by practicing it myself.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I had dwelled on the headache and all the reasons I didn’t want to work out that I would have hit the bed for an hour and would still be trying to achieve full consciousness. All day I would have been struggling to keep up and it wouldn’t have been fun.

While you are feeling good, think about all the reasons you do want to work out and eat healthy foods. Dwell on how good working out and making good food choices feels. Visualize the kind of day you want to have. Practice this thinking consistently so when working out is hard, you have the energetic momentum to keep moving towards who you truly want to be.

Together we can do it!