Situations for Appreciation

Admittedly, I don’t watch a lot of television, and I watch even less sports on television. But thanks to social media, even I know something of Tim Tebow, the quarter back for the Denver Broncos who has been cheered and jeered for getting down on one knee and offering up a prayer of gratitude every time his team scores.

Last night, my husband had on a football game that I was ignoring as I read when all of a sudden the game had my full attention. Tebow and his teammates put a sudden end to their playoff game against Pittsburgh with an 11-second throw, catch, and run that accounted for the quickest overtime win in the National Football League’s history.

And I got to watch Tebowing—as Tebow’s prayer in the end-zone is now known—for myself.

Religious debate aside, it is brilliant on so many levels and has lessons for all of us to learn.

Focus On What You Want

If you consider that one of life’s foundation principles is that “Energy Attracts Like Energy,” also known as the Law of Attraction, what is more powerful than focusing your energy on what you want? And in Tebow’s case, what he wants is to score and win. By kneeling down and offering up a prayer of thanks every time his team scores, Tebow puts his energy—mind, body, and spirit—into what he wants.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation

Our emotions are way more powerful than people often realize. They literally affect our bodies, minds, beliefs, and spirit.

If you are focused on negative, catabolic emotions, you are generating destructive chemical processes in the body that literally eat away at your cells. They generate thoughts of self-doubt, create negative expectations, and shut you off from who you truly are and the energetic support of All-That-Is (God, the Universe, Source, Higher Coach—whatever works for you).

Positive, anabolic emotions generate constructive chemical processes in the body that build and support your body. They generate self-confidence and belief in your abilities, open you up to becoming the best possible version of you, and help you tap into Universal Source Energy.

At the top of the vibrational list of anabolic emotions are love, joy, and appreciation. Imagine what you would create in your life if you looked at everything as a situation for appreciation.

Link Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs with Action

Apparently, Tebow is aligning his thoughts and beliefs about the importance of giving thanks to God for the good things that happen to him with the action of kneeling and prayer and playing the game and scoring.

As we see in Life Coaching, aligning your thoughts, feelings and beliefs with action truly transforms your ability to achieve outer goals with extraordinary and sustainable results.

Don’t Worry About What Other People Think

“It is better to follow the Voice inside and be at war with the whole world, than to follow the ways of the world and be at war with your deepest self.”

Michael Pastore

If Tebow begins paying attention to all the critics out there, he will no longer be focused on what he wants, be feeling gratitude and appreciation, and aligning his thoughts feelings, and beliefs with action. If that happens, you can bet his game will be off. It is only by doing what he believes to be right—and letting go of what anybody else says, thinks, or does—that he is stepping into his true Power.

Now I’m not saying that you need to start Tebowing, but I would suggest you use Tim Tebow as an example of the power of focusing on what you want, appreciating what you have, linking your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with action, and letting go of what other people think.

How can you focus more on what you want? What can you use today as a situation for appreciation? How can you better align your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with action? And how can you let go of what other people think?

Do this, and you will be creating amazing plays in your life, too.

Together we can do it!

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