You’re Amazing! Perfect! Just the Way You Are

One of the gifts I get from All-That-Is (God, the Universe, Source Energy, Higher Coach—whatever works for you) is waking up with a song playing in my head that has a message that feels relevant to some element of my life.

This morning was one of those mornings. As I opened my eyes, I heard the refrain from a Bruno Mars’ song, “You’re amazing just the way you are.”

And this felt like a joyful message not just for me, but for you.

Because this is how God sees every single one of us. Each person is unique, beautiful, and perfect just as they are.

I know, I know. This may be hard to wrap your mind around. But what would be different about your life if you did let yourself believe in your worthiness just a little bit more?

How would it feel to compliment your body instead of criticize it?

How would it feel to believe you can do something—and offer yourself encouragement—instead of tearing every effort apart?

How would it feel to praise yourself as a beloved child of the Universe, instead of holding on to the false belief that you aren’t worthy?

Because no matter your sex, your size, your color, your creed—no matter what—you are amazing, just the way you are.

What can you do to let yourself believe this a little bit more today than you did yesterday? How can you allow yourself to be more of the version of you that Source sees? How would that change how you live your life?

Together we can do it!


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Wellness Tip of the Day


Wellness Tip of the Day: Nourishment is necessary not only for bodies, but for minds and spirit. Choose healthful information, relationships, activities, practices.

Can You Relate?

We’ve all heard of the body, mind, spirit connection, but what does that really mean?

It means that diet and exercise alone are not enough to create the body of your dreams. To successfully create optimal wellness, you must also pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

It means you must have a relationship with your body.

How do you currently relate to your body? Do you love and appreciate it? Admire its strength and flexibility? Acknowledge how hard it’s working on your behalf? Consider it beautiful?

Or do you ignore it? Complain about it? Think and say mean and hurtful things about it? Do you consider your body incapable of grace, beauty, or athleticism? Think it’s impossible for you to lose weight, or feel ugly or fat?

These kinds of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs generate negative catabolic energy that is literally having a destructive effect at the cellular level. Stop a moment and think, “My body is ugly.” Is there a physical feeling associated with that, such as an uncomfortable pull in the stomach?

What physical feeling results from thinking, “My body is working hard on my behalf?” Do you feel a sense of easing up?

Because you carry your body around with you everywhere you go, it is truly one of your most important relationships.

Even a little bit of catabolic energy has a huge impact on your life. Have you ever walked around with a pebble in your shoe? How long were you able to keep going before you had to stop and remove the stone, even if it was tiny? Where you able to focus on the beauty of the day and path, or was much of your attention on the stone in your shoe? What might have you missed even being a little focused on the stone?

Catabolic thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are much like a stone in your shoe. It doesn’t take much for them to distract you from the life you are creating, the joy and opportunities that abound, and the love that surrounds you. The draining effect they have accumulates over time.

With that catabolic stone in your shoe, can you do everything that you want to do? Can you achieve what you want to achieve? Can you show up in your personal relationships the way you want to show up?

Many don’t realize they have the ability to shift their thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so they just walk around continuing to perpetuate that catabolic energy.

Maybe you feel your body betrayed you by not being strong enough, healthy enough, capable enough, or beautiful enough? Imagine what you could do with that mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy if you were focusing it towards Who you want to be and the life you want to create?

How differently would you approach the physical actions of eating healthy and moving your body if you believed your body was capable of being fit, strong, healthy, and lean? What difference would that make to your ability to create optimal wellness? How might that impact your life?

Together we can do it!

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What Are You Afraid Of?

“Every living thing—animal, human, or plant—experiences that which is called death, with no exception. Spirit, which is who-we-really-are, is Eternal. So what death must be is but a changing of the perspective of that Eternal Spirit. If you are standing in your physical body and consciously connected to that Spirit, then you are Eternal in nature and you need never fear any “endedness,” because, from that perspective, there is none. (You will never cease to be, for you are Eternal Consciousness.)”

Abraham as interpreted by Esther Hicks

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Robert H. Schuller

In Saturday’s blog, I wrote about the number one regret that people who were dying reported to Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse who spent several years caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. That regret? The wish that they’d had the courage to live life true to themselves and not the life others expected of them.

The biggest reason people don’t live true to themselves? Fear. Fear of failure, fear of what others will think, fear that they are less than Who they truly are.

As someone who spent a lot of my life buckled under the weight of that fear, I encourage you with all my being to throw it off.

That fear is a blindfold pulled over our collective eyes. It is not Truth.

The Truth is it is impossible to fail, because there can be no failure where there is learning and growth. And every experience is valuable.

The Truth is what others think does not matter. They do not—and cannot—know your heart. You have to search within to find that, and you are the only one who can know your heart fully.

The Truth is you cannot fail because your Spirit is Eternal. The point of life is living. There is no way to get it wrong.

Live life true to yourself.” This is the wisdom passed on to you by those who wished they had done things differently.

It means letting go of false beliefs about Who you are, what you are capable of, and what you deserve.

It means letting go of fear that does not serve you.

It means listening to your own heart.

It means having faith in your eternal nature.

Every moment of every day you are creating your life. Each decision either holds you in place or moves you towards the person you want to become—the person you are meant to be.

What is one small thing you can you do today to live life true to yourself? How does that make you feel? How much closer are you to being the person you want to become?

Together we can do it!