Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Body

Most people know that eating healthy foods and moving our bodies is pretty darn important to achieving optimal wellness.

But how important is what you think about your body—and yourself?

This is the missing link at the heart of why so many people try to lose weight and fail.

Our thoughts are directly linked to our body processes. Negative thoughts create draining, destructive catabolic energy that releases stress chemicals and other harmful processes that literally eat way at your cells.

Positive thoughts release constructive, anabolic energy that generate physical processes that support—and rebuild—your body.

Often, changing your underlying thoughts, emotions, and beliefs is necessary to sustain lasting weight loss. And an added benefit is more positive thoughts also improve the quality—and enjoyment—of your life!

Your life won’t get better as a result of losing the weight. Your life will get better as a result of changing your thoughts about your weight. If you don’t change the underlying thoughts, your life will be the same whether you lose the weight or not.

Not only do I see this in my clients, but I know it from personal experience. My negative self-perception—and my resulting struggle with my weight—raged for more than 35 years. My negative thoughts bled over into all areas of my life. I was often depressed. I shied away from taking leadership roles at work, and I had a hard time making close friends.

So in addition to consistently moving my body and eating healthy foods, I began looking for inaccurate thinking and practicing new thoughts of appreciation, praise, and support for my body—and myself.

Successfully making these internal changes helped me reduce my weight by 35 pounds, and to keep it off now for more than a year.

But more importantly, those same internal changes have given me the confidence and self-empowerment to go after the life of my dreams.

What thoughts do you consistently think about your body—and about you? How can you ease up on the criticism and add more appreciation and praise? Notice the difference in how you feel mind, body, and spirit.

Together we can do it!



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