You Only Need One Thing to Make 2013 Your Year!

Love YourselfHappy New Year!

You may be spending this day reflecting on 2012, and setting intentions and making resolutions for 2013.

Would you consider adding something to your list?

How about putting “Love Yourself” at the very top?

This is the primary intention I’m setting for myself in 2013.

I thought I had “loving myself” down. But as I’ve challenged myself to step up in a big way to better serve you, some of those old, negative voices have resurfaced. My business is expanding rapidly, and I’m learning how to up-level my energy to meet the new flow of clients and income.

And this has been a huge gift.

Because it is a vivid reminder of the pain I used to feel on a daily basis as I struggled with my weight. Feeling this old self-doubt and self-criticism has absolutely reinforced my focus and commitment to not only step up my own self-love—but to help you Love Your Way Slim.

No woman deserves to feel this self-inflicted pain.

Fortunately I have the tools, resources, and support to transform my inner critic so that it becomes a powerfully supportive—and loving—ally.

There are a lot of misconceptions about self-love. Self-love is not about conceit or thinking you are “higher and mightier” than anyone else.

In fact, when you are coming from a true place of self-love, it spills over onto everyone—and everything—else.

And a huge bonus! Loving yourself generates positive physical processes that are not only good for your health, but make it easier to release weight.

Loving yourself actually inspires loving action—towards yourself and others.

When you recognize and acknowledge your own intrinsic value, you automatically see it in others. When you feel an abundance of love there is no need to limit the love you give in any way.

So my wish for you in 2013 is that you make loving yourself your number one priority. 

With much love, appreciation, and wishes for 2013 to be your year,


Hanna Goss, CPC, ELI-MP

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Accountability for December 28, 2011

After falling into the cookies, on December 20, I committed to being accountable through the New Year to you Fabulous Readers about my diet and exercise as I recover from surgery.

Had my first post-surgery appointment with the doctor yesterday and he confirmed that I am recovering remarkably well. He even expressed surprise at how well I’m doing! I attribute this to the power of a positive mind-set, minding the doctor’s instructions to walk and drink lots of water, and eating well most of the time. As my accountability posts attest, perfection is not required for fabulous results!

I have permission to slowly go back to my regular workouts. My body will let me know if I am doing too much.

Did get in all my walks yesterday, and ate clean until we joined friends for dinner and drinks. I splurged a bit on two drinks, a few bites of my husband’s French fries (they were worthy!), a couple of bites of the macaroni and cheese appetizer, and a bite of peanut butter pie. All in all, I think I did pretty darn well.

Did stay up probably a little too late (thus the tardiness of my posts this morning), which I think contributed to the headache I went to bed with last night, but I feel great this morning!

Looking forward to getting a gentle workout in today, as well as a couple of walks!


Are you making New Year’s Resolutions and have a goal on which you would like to be held accountable? Feel free to use the comment space on each of my accountability blogs, and I will cheer you on. Just let me know what your goal is, what you will be doing to meet it, and how often you will be reporting in.