Whoa! Did I Create That?

I’ve taken my bed-time ritual of practicing appreciation even further–and it feels wonderful!

It was my normal practice to think about all the things about my day—and life—that I appreciated as I was drifting off to sleep.

But recently, I’ve shifted to thinking about the coming day and envisioning how I wanted each thing I had planned to go, and how that would feel.

Here’s a sample:

I think about how when I wake up rested and refreshed I feel eager to begin my day. And the appreciation I have for the small black cat who is snuggled up against me when I wake, and the appreciation for the comfort of the bed, and the satisfaction of having David beside me. I think about how getting up on time makes the morning feel easy, and gives me time to feel efficient and connected as I take care of the dogs and check my email. I think about how strong and flexible my body feels as I work out and how energized I feel afterwards. I think about how writing an inspired blog makes me feel vital and alive.

And I just go through the plan I have for the day feeling how I want it to feel. It doesn’t take long, and focusing on how I want to feel as I envision feels amazing! It’s delicious, it’s magical, it’s divine!

When I wake up, I then look for and tap into the eager feeling I anticipated, and so on throughout my day.

What’s been fun is then watching what feels like gifts from the Universe show up. Workshop opportunities have fallen in my lap. Clients have appeared. Even David calling last night offering to bring home my favorite Thai food.

More things that make me feel eager, appreciative, satisfied, energized, etc., etc. (And yes, even the small things count!)

One of those gifts was this video arriving in my inbox this week from Abraham-Hicks that took my process and amped it!



You are more powerful than you can imagine. Every moment of every day you are creating your life through your thoughts and emotions.

If you don’t like where you are, envision how you want life to be—and feel it fully.

How do you want your day to feel? How do you want your body to feel? How does being slim feel? How delicious is it to feel that way right now? What new experience do you have that feels that same way? Appreciate that!

Congratulations! You are now consciously creating your life.

It really is that simple.

Together we can do it!