Do You Believe That? The Missing Link to Losing Weight

Do you spend more time focused on all the reasons you don’t want to eat healthy foods and move your body, or all the reasons you do?

How do you think that impacts your actions?

Your thoughts predict the success of your actions. Meaning that if you think about how much you hate working out, getting the motivation to move will be pretty darn hard. If you spend more time thinking about all the reasons you do want to work out, then getting up and doing your workout will be easier.

Action alone is not enough. Not changing your thoughts and beliefs along with taking the action is the reason the majority of diet and exercise programs fail.

Focusing your thoughts on what you do want is a simple but profound change that will significantly alter your weight-loss results—or the results of any goal you want to achieve.

Simple, however, does not necessarily mean easy.

Most people have never contemplated the idea that they have control over their thoughts. In fact, they may believe they are victim to their thoughts.

Back to your thoughts predict the success of your actions. If you think you have no control over your thoughts, how likely are you to be able to take control? (Hint: not very!)

You may also have practiced some thoughts for a very long time about eating healthy and exercise. These thoughts may have some momentum going. Momentum means they now include your belief that you are someone who doesn’t like eating healthy foods and moving your body.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.”

To change a belief you have to use another belief. For instance, you probably can’t counter the belief that you hate to exercise with the belief that you love to exercise because you don’t really believe that you love to exercise. Make sense?

Shifting a belief is best done in baby steps. In other words, you can shift your belief about hating to exercise by altering your thoughts just slightly towards what you do want. But you have to believe these new thoughts.

For example, whenever you catch yourself thinking about exercise, instead of hating it, you choose to think about how much you want to feel better. How much you like it when you can easily button your pants. How much you enjoy being strong enough to pick up your child.

You just gently and easily change your thoughts. This slows the momentum and eventually shifts your thoughts towards the direction you want to go.

Rather quickly, you begin to look forward to your workouts and how awesome you will feel afterwards. When buttoning your pants gets easy, you begin thinking about how great it will feel to wear a smaller size. When lifting your child is easy, you think about how awesome running and playing with them will feel.

And then you are more eager to work out and see improvements. Moving your body becomes your priority because it improves every aspect of your life. It gives you more energy so you do more with the time you have. You look better, feel better, and you inspire those around you.

One day your realize that you love working out. And you believe it.

Consistently thinking about all the reasons you do want to work out and eat healthy foods makes exercising and eating right easier.

What new thought can you practice today that will help move you in the direction you want to go?

Together we can do it!