It’s All Fun

I have a lot on my to-do list today as we are hosting dinner for friends this evening.

In the past, my default setting has been to get stressed. To get so focused on all that I had to do that not only did I become harsh with myself, but I was sharp and unpleasant to the very people who were helping with the preparations. (Sorry about that honey!)

I’m getting much better at steadily moving ahead to achieve realistic goals with ease and grace. I’m seeing the power of focusing on being gentle and kind in my thoughts and words–to myself and others–and eeking out every ounce of pleasure that can be found in each moment, from the preparations to the time with friends (and dogs as this will be a gathering of all of our Keeshond companions, as well.)

Buffy (left) and Willow are relaxed and eager to spend tonight with three other Keeshonden and a Pomeranian–as well as their respective humans.

People often feel like they don’t have time to be mindful and relaxed when faced with a deadline.

But why does feeling horrible automatically equate with being more productive?

What I’m finding is that moving forward deliberately instead of rushing, and focusing on how I want to feel in the moment—rather than just defaulting to how I have just always reacted—certainly does not take away from my productivity. It actually seems to help me accomplish more than I planned.

Even if how much I get done is the same, it sure feels a heck of a lot better!

So tell your inner task master to ease up. Put the incredible power of your attention on what you are doing in the moment—and enjoy the heck out of that. Find and feel the confidence that everything that needs to get done, will.

And then see how much fun you can have throughout the process of getting all the preparatory work done. The fun doesn’t have to begin the moment your friend’s push the doorbell. The fun you have getting ready also makes the time you have with friends that much richer.

What can you do to practice being gentle with yourself, moving with ease and grace, and softening your thoughts and words? How does that help you achieve your goals? How much better does that feel?

Together we can do it!

Photo by Hansje Gold-Krueck

What Did You Choose?

Often people think, “When I lose weight, get a better job, get past this stressful event, have a more supportive partner, etc., then I can be the person I am meant to be.”

But if we spend all of our time waiting for the people, events, and situations of our lives to change, we will always be waiting to take flight, live up to our potential, and live the life of our dreams.

What has to change is you. What has to change is how you think about yourself, what you deserve, and what you are capable of. And the change has to begin right now, right where you are.

What are the values you hold most dear? What is your relationship to All-That-Is (God, Source, the Universe, Higher Coach—whatever works for you)? What are your priorities in life? What are your gifts and talents?

Does being overweight change Who that person is? Does being in a job or situation or relationship that you don’t enjoy?

No matter what you are going through, you are no less valuable as a person.

How well are you showing up in how you wash the dishes? In your employment? In how you relate to a stranger? In how you relate to the person you love the most? Is it consistent? Are you being who you want to be? Are you being Who you truly are?

If not, what small thing can you do today to show up in all aspects of your life as Who you truly are? What difference does that make in your experience? What difference does that make to the people around you?

Use each moment to remember who you truly are, and then choose to be that person.

Together we can do it!

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Throw Away Your To-Do List

I woke up late this morning. It’s pretty clear to me that my body is letting me know that after about a month of going flat-out it’s time for some rest. This is time I plan to give myself—this weekend.

In the mean time, what do I do with this day that’s already off schedule?

Stick to Priorities

It is particularly important on days when things aren’t going as planned to let go of the things that aren’t a priority.

Think about what’s really important right now. You can do this by prioritizing what’s coming up in your schedule next, by making a list and ranking items in order of importance and urgency, or digging deeper and ranking things by your internal values so you can really tap into your inner motivation.

For me, I do a mix of all of these. My values include making my connection with my Higher Self my number one priority and maintaining my self-care so that I have the physical energy to make the most of my day.

So even though I had half my usual time, my first priorities were getting in a short meditation, and then doing a short workout afterwards. Was it the best meditation and workout I’ve ever had? No. Do I feel more centered and energized? You better believe it!

Having met my top priorities based on my personal values, now I can look at my to-do list. What really has to get done today? What are the things I would like to get to if I have the time and energy? What are the things I can reschedule? What are the things I just need to let go of?

Let’s just say that housework will not be at the top of my agenda today. Although my husband might argue it’s never at the top of my agenda!

Look for Opportunities

We are often so scheduled and planned in our lives that we don’t allow the Universe to lead us to the opportunities that might fulfill us at a deeper and more profound level, or truly move us forward to who we are and what we want. My schedule going kablooie is my signal to let go of control and look for meaningful encounters or experiences.

If you’re focused on your priorities and still get interrupted or side-tracked, throw away your to-do list. Do your best to go with the flow, keeping your eyes and mind open to the gifts that are coming your way.

Gifts don’t always have to be fun (in the moment) to be meaningful. Sometime the biggest gift is recognizing that the things we mark off on our to-do list do not equal our value as a person.

And even if your day is going as planned, look for the gifts that are coming your way.

Together we can do it!