Receive the Gifts in Every Experience

I am learning to embrace situations and experiences that I used to judge as things to be dreaded and endured. Shifting my perspective doesn’t change the situation, but it does change how I experience it.

The surgery that I underwent in December was one of those times. Last week, I had my final post-surgery doctor’s appointment were my stellar recovery was confirmed. I am so grateful for this step on my wellness journey. Truly, everything about that experience has enriched my life.

Heading to traffic court today is another example. I think I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I was getting some obvious bonks on the head by the Universe reminding me to be present. Getting a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago as I headed to coach training was one of those jolts back to reality.

I had set my cruise control to ensure I would stay within a reasonable speed . . . and then my brain checked out. When the officer brought me back to reality, I was no longer going a reasonable speed since it had changed twice without my notice. I thanked him for bringing me back to consciousness and was a much more present driver the rest of the trip. And have been much more conscious of being present since.

So today, I get to take the afternoon off from work, drive an hour there and back through our beautiful mountains on what is supposed to be a sun-soaked day, encounter people that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to meet, and look for the gifts in this experience. Because they are there if I will just open my eyes and my heart and look for them.

I expect to see those gifts and am looking for ways to be present and conscious enough to fully receive them.

When we stop fighting experiences and judging them as bad, and instead open our eyes and hearts to the gifts that are in every moment, we finally begin to receive them.

As Jerry Hicks used to say, “Everything is always working out for me.” No matter what, no matter who, no matter where, Source (God, the Universe, All That Is, Higher coach—whatever works for you) is always on our side providing the experiences that are unfolding perfectly for my—and your—expansion.

No matter what you are facing today, it is up to you to take this moment and consciously choose your focus and decide how you want to feel. You can endure it, let it crush you, or decide to thrive.

The experience will not change, but you change your experience of it.

Together we can do it!

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Thank You for the Gift

I’ve had a lot going on lately and I’ve been distracted. The Universe has been giving me some subtle and not so subtle reminders to be present.

Stop right here and pay attention to how you feel. Notice your surroundings as you are reading this. What do you see and hear around you? Is there a taste of anything lingering on your tongue? What textures do you feel under your hands? What can you smell?

What can you appreciate about right now?

Maybe it’s that you have eyes to read these words, a beautiful view outside your window, a moment to call your own, or a job to take a break from. Perhaps it that you have something tasty to eat, or a computer or smart phone to read this on, or that the sun is shining or the rain or snow is falling. Even if it is only that your heart is beating and that you are alive, seek out every gift in this moment.

How often do you do that throughout your day?

It’s easy to get caught up in our days and the whirlwind of our lives. There are deadlines to meet, appointments to get to, times where we have to be somewhere or doing something, and people, animals, or things that we have to care for. We move from task-to-task just trying to get everything done. Or maybe it is that we have pain that we wish to numb.

But where is the exhilaration, vitality, and interest in doing that? Living life is a moment-by-moment experience. It’s not meant to only get your attention during the climatic scenes. Your present is being given to you right now.

I appreciate that the Universe has been tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me to be open to my present, and that this moment is a gift full-of-life to appreciate.

Moment-to-moment is where life is to be lived. It is where you are awake and conscious and presented with the opportunity to choose your focus, which is truly how we create our lives.

Take time today to open your eyes and your heart and look for the gift in this moment. Expect to see it. Look for ways to fully receive it.

I know I will.

Together we can do it!

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Look for the Opportunity

Experiences that show us what we don’t want are incredibly valuable for helping us learn about who we are and who we want to become.

And I had one of those experiences last night.

Every evening as we are getting ready for bed, my husband and I put out vitamins, supplements, and medications that we take morning and evening. While I may take something for allergies or headaches, most of what I take are vitamins and supplements to support my wellness. Because David has Rheumatoid Arthritis, he has some serious medications that he takes daily.

We had a busy evening last night, ate a late dinner, and I was a little flustered. Instead of being present and focused I was in my head thinking about things I needed to do and going over the events of the day. I was on auto-pilot when I took my pills.

When David reached for his, they were gone!

Opps! What did I just take?

Fortunately it was not his Methotrexate, but was a sleep aid, muscle relaxer, and pain pill. So I decided against calling the Poison Hotline, or running to the store for some expellant, and just went to bed.

While I would have assumed those medicines would have knocked me out, I had a difficult night and dragged myself out of bed late this morning feeling groggy, fuzzy headed, and slightly dizzy. Not how I like to start my day.

My first reaction was to start judging my intelligence for this error, but instead, I chose to look at the opportunity this experience is providing. And there are actually a lot of them.

It’s reminding me how important being present, aware, and mindful is because something I did in a split second could have had serious consequences. And who I want to be is someone who is present, mindful, and aware.

It’s reminding me to be grateful for my wellness and wellbeing. Who I want to be is someone who is experiencing optimal wellness and is thriving.

It’s helping me be flexible in planning out when I will get my workout in today, since I didn’t think getting on the treadmill feeling dizzy was wise this morning. Who I want to be is flexible and able to go with the flow.

It helped me evaluate the priority that writing my blog is. Instead of going back to bed to sleep this fuzzy feeling off, I chose to come in and write. I want to be someone who honors my priorities and goals.

And I know that getting up and getting my blog written will help lead me to having a better-feeling day. And I want to be someone who feels good, is productive, and enjoys what I am doing.

One of the foundation principles for life is that “There Are No Mistakes.” There are only different ways to experience life and remember who we are. Not being present in the moment and taking those pills was just a product of old thinking habits, and is giving me the opportunity to evaluate where I am, think anew, and further commit to who I want to be.

Every experience gives us valuable information about who we are and who we want to become. The next time you make a “mistake,” instead of directing energy to the past and beating yourself up, ask yourself, “What is the opportunity in this experience?” Use it to determine who you are and who you want to become.

Together we can do it!

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On the Eve of the Year 2012

On the eve of the Year 2012, I wish for you much love, laughter, wellness, and wellbeing. May you be present to the adventure of right now, and delight in delving into each opportunity—even if others call them hardships, problems, or obstacles.

May you marvel at what you have and maintain your confidence in what you are becoming. My you tackle each endeavor with enthusiasm and eagerness—from washing dishes, to typing an email, to relaxing on vacation, to engaging in your truest passion.

May your mind be mostly engaged in reflecting on the good things that happen and all that you appreciate. And as you lay your head on your pillow each night, may you look forward to tomorrow with happy anticipation.

These things I also resolve for myself.

Happy New Year! May this be the year where you allow all your dreams to come true!

Together we can do it!


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Who Do You Want to Be for the Holidays?

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in doing, particularly this time of year. Shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, holiday cards, etc., etc.—there’s so much to do to make the holidays special for everyone else.

But what about you? Are you feeling the Happy, Merry, and Jolly? Chances are, not so much.

It’s easy to be so focused on the to-do list that we forget to be. We buy in to the idea that our value is demonstrated by what we do, and we forget that who we are being is so much more important.

Just ask yourself if your family would rather have that extra decoration, another batch of cookies, or even that extra gift, or if they would rather have you truly present, relaxed, smiling, engaged, and laughing?

If you have been going in overdrive to get everything done and as a result have been eating poorly, cutting back on sleep, skipping exercise, and are feeling the stress, how likely are you going to show up over the holidays being who you are meant to be? It’s more likely that you’ll be short-tempered, anxious, and miss most of the fun.

I think that’s been the most important reminder for me as I’ve struggled with having to let go of doing while recuperating from surgery. My ah-ha moment came yesterday when I remembered that my purpose in life is not to do something in particular, it’s to be the fullest and broadest embodiment of who I am.

No one else in the world can be you. You are unique. No one else has had the exact same experiences, or perceives things in exactly the same way. The gift that you bring to the world is who you are.

How can you rethink your to-do list? What are your priorities and what can you let go of? What do you need to do to remember the true value that you bring to the holidays?

Together we can do it!


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Silly Little Signs of Love

A gentle touch in passing, a cup of coffee ready and waiting, an inside joke, a silly song for a favorite pet, the sound of a laugh. It’s easy to overlook these small things, but it is often the small things that add so much texture and joy to life.

When we look for those small things that give us pleasure, acknowledge them, and appreciate them, we are adding a richness and spice to our lives. And every moment we spend in appreciation and joy actually enhances our bodies’ ability to heal and achieve wellness. It also just feels good.

Today is day nine of my Gratitude Challenge and the assignment is to enjoy the people around me, and to take note of their unique talents, abilities, and personalities.

This means being present in the moment and acknowledging those fleeting moments where love is expressed in a caress, a laugh springs from a shared sense of humor or experience, and a tiny gift is given that enhances my day. It also means contemplating those people I am with and truly valuing them for their unique perspective, and the gifts they bring to me—and the world.

We often hold contentment, joy, and happiness away from ourselves as we wait for the big things we want to materialize in our lives. By being so focused on that future thing—maybe it’s losing weight, getting the right job, making a certain amount of money, or waiting for someone else to change, etc.—we miss out on the happiness that could be ours right now.

What do you notice today that you might have normally overlooked? How does that small thing make you feel? How long can you make that good feeling linger?

Together we can do it!