Catching a New Train of Thought

I just had a rush of jealousy. That’s not an emotion I feel often and it certainly got my attention.

The good news is I’m not using this as a reason to beat myself up, which I most certainly would have done in the past. Instead, I’m using this experience much as I would use a landmark on a map. It’s showing me I am in this particular place on my way to becoming a better version of me.

I would rather know where I am and how far I need to go on this topic than delude myself into thinking I am further along only to be lost driving around in circles.

Emotions are not inherently good or bad. They are all valuable as signposts giving us directions on our way to becoming the biggest, brightest, best possible versions of ourselves.

That rush of negative catabolic emotion is letting me know that I need to catch a new train of thought. Positive anabolic emotion is letting me know my thoughts are leading me towards my desired destination.

It’s important not to condemn yourself for where you are and to let go of judging your emotions as either good or bad. This is just where you are on your journey. If you are headed where you want to go, great! If not, choose a new direction.

I know I am.

And if you judged me for feeling jealous, where are you judging your own emotions as inappropriate?

Together we can do it!

Photo by Kenneth Cratty /