Flip the Mental Switch to Get the Body You Want

lightbulbDo you focus more on what you like about your body, or what you don’t? What feels good about your body, or what doesn’t? What you want your body to look like, or all that’s wrong with it right now?

If you are like most people, you put the majority of your attention on what you don’t want.

This is being problem focused and it just gets you more of the problem.

While it is important to have a clear understanding of the problem, you then need to shift your attention to the solution—to what you do want.

You want to become solution focused.

Einstein Intuition and SolutionBeing solution focused is looking at the body you will have rather than what is, or was. It’s thinking about why you want a healthy body. It’s putting your attention on what’s working, what feels good, and all the reasons you can get the body you want, instead of all the reasons you can’t.

The reason for this lies in the underlying energy. Focusing on the problem creates negative catabolic energy, while focusing on the solution generates positive anabolic energy.

Just think about the feelings you have when you are standing in front of the mirror looking at what you don’t like about your body.

You may feel:

  • Disappointed in yourself.
  • Betrayed by your body.
  • Shame that you and your body aren’t perfect.

Those negative feelings generate catabolic energy that impacts your body down to the cellular level—actually making it easier to gain and harder to release weight. Feelings such as fear, distress, and anger are all catabolic.

When you’re in a catabolic emotional state, harmful chemicals and hormones and other physical reactions actually impacts your mind’s ability to think creatively, generate ideas, or even recognize solutions.

You literally need to release the problem and shift your focus to the solution, like flipping a switch from off to on.

The problem, however, is often so compelling and distressing, that you’re stuck thinking about how much you hate your body. It’s almost as if you’re afraid to take your eyes off of how bad your body is because it might get worse when you aren’t looking.

If you think about it in the context of the principle “Energy Attracts Like Energy” (also known as the Law of Attraction), you can see that focusing exclusively on what you hate about your body generates more things about your body to hate.

When you ignore catabolic emotions over a long time, your body begins to register the destructive internal processes as illness. Headaches, back pains, and other physical problems often begin to appear. We may associate these with stress, which is basically just an umbrella-term for all the catabolic physical processes generated by a variety of negative thoughts and emotions. When these thoughts and emotions continue to be left unchecked, those catabolic physical reactions can escalate to bigger problems, such as heart attacks.

Of course things like diet and exercise play a role, but there is scientific research that associates almost all aspects of wellness to stress.

And catabolic energy impacts your minds ability to literally see obvious wellness solutions.

By shifting your focus to the body you do want and why you want it, you then begin to allow yourself to see the path to getting it.

Now imagine standing in front of the mirror focusing on a part of your body you do like. Let’s say you’re appreciating your beautiful hair, the curve of your lips, your elegant nails, your shapely calves, or the new muscles developing in your thighs.

Think about the feelings you are having.

You may feel:

  • Confident
  • Attractive
  • Strong
  • Powerful
  • Sexy

Those positive feelings generate anabolic energy that helps your body rebuild and regenerate—and yes, makes it easier to release weight.

Begin to pay attention to where you focus more on the problem than the solution, and try to shift your perspective.

When you shift to more positive thinking, the solutions began to appear. A friend asks you to be an accountability partner, or you have the opportunity to ensure some healthy foods are on the menu, or you recognize that 10 minutes is long enough to jump on the treadmill or go for a walk around the block.

When you release catabolic energy and shift to a more anabolic state, you truly allow All-That-Is (God, the Universe, Source, Higher power—whatever works for you) to provide the solutions you could never create on you own—and often couldn’t even imagine.

You shift your level of consciousness.

How much do you focus on what you don’t like about your body? What can you do to shift your attention to the body you do want and why you want it? What difference does that make in how you feel, and the energy you have to get the body you want?

Together we can do it!


Feel Good About What You Eat to Turbo Charge Your Weight Loss Results

Have you ever been tied down and force-fed cookies, crackers, brownies, or cakes?

Nah, me either.

But sometimes it can feel like your eating is out of your control.

Not only do I hear clients complain about this, but I bump up against it myself.

Right now I’m on deadline and will be heading to New York on Sunday. Because I have some limiting beliefs about my ability to handle how much I have to do, I’m experiencing some stress. And this week I’ve been turning to my favorite deadline food of popcorn laced with a tablespoon of dark chocolate chips.

Now neither popcorn nor dark chocolate is “bad,” but I feel that this snack is not the best choice I could be making. The big indicator that I’m out of alignment with my thoughts, emotions, and actions is a little bit of guilt that I feel because I’m giving up my power-greens protein shake for the popcorn. The feeling that my “need” for the popcorn is “out of my control” is also a red flag.

Now there are more ways to address this than you might think.

There is the obvious solution of forcing myself to give up the popcorn and drink the shake. This is what most people would tell you to do. But there’s more going on here than the obvious nutritional advantage.

If I force myself to have the shake instead of the popcorn and I feel deprived and resentful, those negative feelings generate destructive catabolic energy that set off harmful chemical processes that will actually result in my body being less able to absorb the improved nutrition.

So even though I’m giving myself beautiful nutrition, my negative thoughts and emotions would be hindering my ability to fully absorb it.

If my thoughts and emotions are not supportive of the “right” choice, it’s questionable how much I’m doing my body good.

And if I was eating the popcorn and dark chocolate and was focused on appreciating the delicious salty sweet of every bite, relishing how awesome it is to have an occasional treat, was focused on the healthy antioxidants in the chocolate and the fiber in the popcorn, and thrilled at my ability to have all the foods I love on my healthy eating plan, I would be generating constructive anabolic energy that would benefit my body and enable it to fully digest and absorb all the positive elements of the food.

The critical, often overlooked step is taking the time to make sure that your thoughts and feelings support your actions.

The key is to choose foods that you think are good for you, that you feel good about eating and enjoy in the moment, and that you feel good about having eaten afterwards.

What can you do to align your thoughts and feelings with the foods you are eating so that you feel satisfied, energized, and that you are on the right path before, during, and after each meal?

Align your thoughts and feelings with your actions, and the resulting positive anabolic energy will turbo charge your wellness and weight-loss results.

Together we can do it!

How Much Time Are You Giving Yourself?

I let myself sleep in this morning, but when I finally got up it was with a case of the grumps. My to-do list was full and I didn’t want to do any of it.

While I recognized that what I needed to do was go meditate, instead I sat down in front of my computer with my green tea and protein bar, and started to plow through emails. I was going to push on through, despite this yucky feeling.

Wait a minute? Haven’t I learned anything from the past couple of days? Pushing through action when you are in negative catabolic energy often backfires. Was I being in alignment with Who I want to be if I try to write an inspiring blog while feeling the funks? Is that the gift I want to give to my fabulous readers—and truly the world?

I felt better as soon as I made the decision to stop what I was doing and go meditate. As I was getting a glass of water, I had the thought, “This feels like a rest and recovery day. I want to take the time to take care of me.” Immediately my energy surged, letting me know I was on the right path.

One of the women in my accountability group yesterday had a similar experience after feeling the stress of going non-stop all day. She found herself running late to a meeting that she was dreading. As she drove to the site, she thought about the distraction of her late arrival, and how bad that would make her feel. As she pulled into the parking lot, she decided to just skip the meeting completely and go back to her office and get caught up with her work. As soon as she did that, her mood elevated and the rest of her day was more in-balance and productive.

Often we feel stuck treading the path laid out before us on our to-do list and calendars. We dutifully trudge through the negative feelings because we don’t feel like we have a choice. We may have thoughts such as, “I have to get this work done. I have to get these chores done. I can’t get out of this situation.”

When we approach life in this way, it throws us into victim-level catabolic energy. We are not in control of life. Life is control of us. We will never achieve the life of our dreams if we are continually a victim.

The truth is, we always have a choice. Granted, we may really not want the consequence of an action, but we still have the power of choice.

Let’s say if my friend hadn’t gone to the meeting, she would have been fired. She still had the choice to attend the meeting or not. When you approach things as your choice, you increase your positive anabolic energy.

Another stumbling block is thinking the consequences of changing our actions will be worse than they truly will be. For instance, my friend might have gone to the meeting fearing that if she didn’t show up she would be fired. That may or may not be true. Most likely, missing a meeting is not the end of the world and will not result in someone getting fired. (Note: I’m not advocating skipping meetings!)

My point is to take back your power. Recognize that you have a choice about everything you do. And that often, taking the time to shift your energy from negative to positive will actually improve your chances of success.

In my case, giving myself permission to take care of me and taking an hour-and-a-half to rest and meditate completely shifted my energy. As a result I have whipped out this blog.

I have no doubt that had I stayed and forced myself to do it, A.) it wouldn’t have been as good, and B.) it probably would have taken me even longer to do because of the procrastination and false starts I would have encountered.

Another benefit of taking the time to shift my energy is that I’m also much more up for the original workout I had on my agenda. It’s the one I struggle with the most in the program I’m doing, and earlier I just didn’t think I was going to be able to face it. But now, I feel like not only am I going to be able to do the workout, I’m going to be able to bring it.

Where this gets tricky for people is feeling like if you gave yourself permission not to workout, you would never work out again! This is why paying attention to your emotions is so important.

Most people feel terrible when the skip a workout. They beat themselves up and judge themselves harshly. This is still negative carbolic energy. You aren’t shifting the core energy.

There is also pushing through something you don’t want to do to get to the positive anabolic energy on the other side. I know this workout is going to be tough, but I’m also going to feel awesome afterwards. Either way, I’m still doing what I need to do to reach for that more anabolic state, and the end result is that I’m getting my planned workout in.

And ultimately, making your wellness and well-being a priority gives you the energy and stamina to take care of others, and to do those things that you really want to do.

What can you do today to take care of you? How does that impact your emotions and energy level? How might that actually help you be more productive and effective in meeting your goals?

Together we can do it!