Is That What You Really Want?

What do you want more of? Time? Wellness? Fun?

Are your actions moving you towards what you want, or away from it?

For instance, if you want more wellness and a slimmer waistline, but you habitually snack on sweets every afternoon, your actions are moving you away from what you want.

What do you want more; snacking on sweets or slimness? If your higher priority is being slim, and you believe eating sweets to be counter to that, than clearly you will have to choose a different afternoon snack.

The snag that keeps people from letting go of the sweets is it feels like an “all or nothing” choice. But choosing a leaner and healthier afternoon snack doesn’t mean you will never get to eat sweets again. It just means that more often than not, you are going to align your actions with your goals.

And here is the surprise. Even though you are giving up the small pleasure of enjoying a sweet every afternoon, aligning your actions with your true goals results in a surge of joy that is way more powerful than that momentary pleasure.

It feels so good to be Who you want to be!

Most people don’t realize the internal conflict it sets up in themselves to consistently act in a way that is incongruent with Who they say they want to be. Your inner two-year-old may throw a momentary fit at giving up the candy bar, but you are effectively shutting yourself off from your life-force when your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are out of alignment with your goals.

You know you are doing this when you feel guilt, self-criticism, discouragement. These emotions are like warning bells going off letting you know that you are powerfully asking All-That-Is for something—wellness and a trim body—but are actively thwarting the delivery of that gift.

Those chronic negative, catabolic emotions are way more detrimental to your body than the temporary dust-up caused by telling yourself “No” to a candy bar. Consistently assaulting your body with destructive catabolic energy literally eats away at your cells.

The bottom line is you are not going to feel good if your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are not in alignment with your goals.

Being proud of yourself for sticking to your eating plan, and the joy of having a body that looks and feels good actually generates positive, anabolic energy that supports you in achieving your goals, and begins a cycle that makes it easier to choose an apple over a candy bar.

Examine your habits. Are your actions supporting your goals? Where do you need to make new decisions that reflect your priorities? How different does that feel?

Together we can do it!