Getting Back on Track After Thanksgiving

Nothing else in your experience responds as quickly as your own physical body to your patterns of thought.


For the first time in two years, my body let me know just before Thanksgiving that I was not following my own advice about loving myself for optimal wellness.

In other words, I was sick over the holiday.

The reminder to tend to my own self-care was actually a message I’d been getting for several weeks.

But I had exciting things underway with travel for a business mastermind retreat, professional photo session, and VIP day with my coach where we created plans for me to launch a new website on December 13, start a new Love Your Way Slim coaching program on January 7, and hold a beachside retreat for 8 women in Charleston, South Carolina, in April. Plus my folks were arriving for five days to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I was focused on “doing.” And it felt like “too much” happening at once.

There is so much more to wellness than checking your workout off your “to-do” list and eating relatively healthy foods.

A significant part of optimal wellness is believing in your wellness and your capacity to deal with any outer situation.

The purpose of life is to give you a chance to be the

grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held

about Who You Are. When challenges arrive, then,

move straight to clarity: This is what you came for.

Now rise to this occasion, and know that you have

every resource with which to create the right and

perfect outcome.

Neale Donald Walsch

The good news is not feeling well forced me to take some time to “Be.” I used the time to rest, meditate, spend quality time with my family, and read a book that felt like the next logical step in my own spiritual development.

And I focused on what I know.

  • Almost all illness and injury is evidence of being out of balance and is temporary. Wellness is your natural state of being.
  • You are unique, powerful, gifted, resourceful, and loved. A great part of optimal wellness is seeing yourself that way.
  • You are never, ever, given a challenge you cannot overcome.

I am grateful that my body gave me a great reminder to take the time to rest and reflect on my beliefs about myself, what I am capable of, and what I deserve, and to tap into what is really important to me.

How are your current beliefs impacting your optimal wellness? Are they helping you be the “the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are?”

If not, how do you need to change how you think about you?

Together we can do it!

Get the Body You Want Now—and As You Age

If you are like most women who struggle with their weight, you would like to wave a magic wand and have the body of your dreams just appear.

You may also believe that aging is something that “just happens” to you and that ending up frail and ill is inevitable.

You may not like hearing this, but both of these beliefs have you placed squarely in “victim mode.”

Now I know you could probably point to all kinds of “evidence” of somebody you know being a health nut and dropping dead, or people you care about who ended up with an undeserved illness.

Yes, unfortunate things happen.

But most often you are focused on the worst case scenarios rather than the successes.

You probably also know a grandmother who still runs races or swims, and women who are careful about what they eat—and think!—and look half their age.

What makes you accept that the “worst case” is inevitable for you?

“Well,” you might say, “more people seem to get sick as they age.” Or those people who are thriving “just have good genes,” etc.

 What if there seem like more examples of illness because you are focused on them?

What if the majority of people who are sick now saw other people get sick as they aged, and just accepted that as their future?

What if the belief that this is your inevitable future leads to choices that will result in that future?

What if you have way more control over how well you age than you currently believe?

Yes, there is the risk that you could regularly choose healthy foods and move your body every day—and still have issues as you age.

But the chances that you will live a vibrant, long, and healthy life increase dramatically.

Think about it like money. You may choose to invest your money in what the majority of people tell you is a smart stock option, but there’s still risk that you could end up losing money. But you make the decision to invest for retirement anyway, right?

The decisions you make today are investments in your future. Are you choosing to create a healthy, slim, and strong body—now and as you age—or not?

Letting go of the need for a magic wand to get the body you want and embracing the fact that the decisions you make today matter—for your current and future body—begin to pull you out of “victim mode.”

That chocolate cake is not happening to you. You are choosing to eat it.

And there is nothing “wrong” with eating it.

But ask yourself the question, “Is eating this cake right now helping me move toward the body—now and in the future—that I want?”

Making a conscious choice empowers you. It enables you to become the creator or your life.

What can you do to begin making the decisions to move towards the body you want today? What impact will those decisions have on your body tomorrow?

Together we can do it!


What Do You Really Want?

The hardest part of a workout sometimes is actually getting started.

This morning was one of those times for me. First the bed was nice and warm and I had not one, but two cats snuggled up next to me. And once I was up, the idea of sitting down to a nice cup of tea and Pinterest was appealing.

While in the moment, staying in bed and playing on the computer were what I “wanted” to do, I have a bigger “want” that got me upstairs and working out. That want is to have a strong, lean, and powerful body that is functioning optimally and fully allows me to express my authentic best.

If I had followed the immediate “want” of bed and/or gazing at beautiful pictures, the resulting good feeling would have been pretty short-lived. Guilt and self-criticism would have inevitably followed. A lot of my energy for the day would have been wasted on feeling bad about myself, and struggling to figure out when I might get my workout in—and possibly even more self-criticism if I wasn’t able to find a time to do it.

That’s energy that I could use for more things that I “want” to do and that will make me feel good throughout my day.

Doing what you “want” to do and what feels good then becomes a matter of looking at the bigger picture and what will have the biggest anabolic energetic return, or return on investment, if you will.

This is the reason figuring out “why” you want to eat healthy foods and move your body is so important. Having a bigger “want” that trumps the momentary immediate “want” is what will get you to the gym, out the door for a run, or pushing play on your workout video, even on those days when the bed feels especially inviting.

If you don’t have a compelling reason “why” you want to get up and do your workout, chances are you will hit the snooze button and then spend the rest of your day wasting the energy you thought you gained by 30 more minutes of sleep or kitty snuggle-time.

What are the reasons “why” you want to move your body and eat healthy foods? What can you do to keep your reasons “why” front and center in your mind? How much more positive anabolic energy will you create for your day by following through on what you really “want?”

Together we can do it!



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Wellness Tip of the Day


Wellness Tip of the Day: Allow yourself to be energetic, effective and efficient. Move and pick healthy foods so your body can support you throughout your day.