Transformation Mastery


I am getting excited to start an 18-week challenge tomorrow for Transformation Mastery. During this challenge I am releasing 10 pounds of fat–as well as lingering fear or limiting beliefs about what I can and cannot do. I am also increasing my fitness and nutrition level, and lean muscle mass. I am continuing to strive to be the best that I can be–body, mind, and spirit! This is going to be fun!

What Are You Thinking?

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about a wave of negative catabolic emotion that I experienced and what that signaled for me. Today, I want to celebrate how good awesome it feels to shift the underlying thoughts.

What triggered my instant catabolic reaction was a photo on Facebook.

A fabulous friend of mine won tickets to a Broadway play featuring one of my favorite actors, Alan Rickman, and she invited me to go. I was so excited!

Interestingly, when she found out the date, it turned out that I had created a situation that required me to be in traffic court the same day, so I choose to decline the overnight trip to New York. Another friend of ours was readily able to go in my place, and I felt good about my choice.

I was fully present during my traffic-court experience and even enjoyed the afternoon trip. The outcome couldn’t have been better.

The first thing I saw yesterday when I logged onto the computer was photos of my friends getting the autograph of the awesome Mr. Rickman. My instant catabolic reaction was, “That was supposed to be me!”

What we are feeling is tied directly to what we are thinking, and that thought felt horrible.

There are an infinite number of ways I could have reacted to this jealous-feeling, but the ones that feel most typical are:

  • I could have jumped into the story about how unfair it was that I didn’t get to go to New York and made myself the victim.
  • I could have focused on the fact that I was feeling jealousy and beaten myself up for experiencing such a horrible emotion.
  • I could detach myself from judgment and use that emotion as a guidepost to examine my underlying thoughts.

Our emotions are a derivative of either love or fear. My fear-based jealous reaction was an absolute signal to me to stop! To recognize that I had some underlying thoughts going on that are not helping me create the life of my dreams. Nor is that how I want to show up as a friend.

The anabolic best possible version of me would absolutely celebrate the joy and success of my friends and that is who I want to be.

For me, this feeling of jealousy is based in an old belief in lack—lack of money, lack of time, lack of luck to be in the right place at the right time. It’s exceptionally important for me to realize that these thoughts are percolating under the surface to begin consciously shifting them to a heart-based knowing that everything is always working out for me.

The new thoughts I am choosing to think are:

  • My friends’ having this magical experience in no way detracts from what I am capable of experiencing. In fact, it is a wonderful indicator of the amazing things I am letting into my life.
  • I am always in the right place at the right time. My life is unfolding in Divine timing and I relax as I remember that perfection.
  • Alan Rickman is on my anabolic team, and the Universe can absolutely create remarkable opportunities for me to encounter my team-mates.
  • My friends truly deserve to have such an amazing and magical experience, and I thrill at adding to and celebrating their joy.

I knew my energy was shifted on this as I read an e-mail from my friend this morning sharing what an incredible experience it was and how much she wished I had been with her. There was no lingering jealousy; only the desire to hear all the details and to celebrate her wondrous experience.

And that feels wonderful!

When you notice you’re feeling catabolic emotion, ask yourself what you are thinking. Practice becoming the master of your thoughts rather than their victim.

Together we can do it!

Photo of Times Square in New York by Damian Brandon /

Feel the Relief

Every feeling you have is either a derivative of love or fear. Like opposite ends of a magnet, the feelings that you have are moving you closer to one pole or the other. Where you spend most of your time is reflected in how you experience life.

Is what you are feeling most of the time closer to joyful, appreciative, content, hopeful or frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, depressed? As a result, do you see the world as a happy or scary place?

While many people think their feelings are out of their control, this isn’t actually the case. What you are feeling is tied directly to what you are thinking.

You may believe that what you are thinking about a situation is etched in stone. The situation is the situation after all. It’s either good or bad, right? How could you possibly think something different about it?

We begin to take control of our thoughts and emotions when we recognize that what we think and feel is a choice.

For instance, I can focus on the rain that is falling right now, the thunder that has my dog anxious, and the gloomy sky, or I can focus on the mild temperatures we are having in the middle of January, how our drought-lowered water table is being refilled, how animals in the wild have plenty of water to drink, and come spring, the wild flowers that will be abundant.

And if a situation is truly so bad that you can’t shift your thoughts about it, then as often as possible, figure out how you can take your mind off that topic. You will not be giving it freedom to get worse if you give your mind a rest to think about something that you do feel good about.

Letting go of your grip on worry and stress—even for a minute here and there throughout your day—can actually help you see solutions that you otherwise would have missed.

This is where it’s helpful to tap into your spiritual beliefs. You can feel a sense of relief when you put your mental burden in the hands of a power bigger than yourself, that understands the story behind you and to come, that has such a broad perspective that the solution is clear, and that has the capacity to create the Universe and that will use all of its resources working on your behalf.

However you can get there, a feeling of relief is all you need to strive for. Trying to jump from depression to joy will just bring you crashing painfully to the ground. The small step of a feeling of relief is all that you need to move you closer to the love-side of the magnet.

The more you step your thoughts towards love, the more you love your life.

What can you do today to alter your thoughts to create a feeling of relief? Do that, and repeat.

Together we can do it!

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