Opps! I Did It Again!

I think I can safely say that it is never my intention to hurt others or make them uncomfortable. And yet I still do it.

Yesterday, a wonderful and supportive friend shared my Wellness Tip of the Day on her Facebook page. She has done this before and I have so appreciated it. Some of the comments she has received in the past have been what I perceived to be a little negative, which I actually respected because it gave me some insight into how a wide variety of people will react.

Fresh off my intense and wonderful coach-training weekend, I read some “negative” comments and I thought, “coaching opportunity!” forgetting that people have to actually want to be coached. They have to buy-in to the process.

So I jumped into the conversation, upsetting my friend who felt my comments were directed towards her, or worse were attacking her friends, and sending the others underground. So much for starting a dialog!

In the past, making a blunder like this would have made me feel horrible, unleashing my inner Gremlin to harangue me with all the reasons I suck. And interestingly, as I am writing this my little gator Gremlin is definitely trying to dominate my inner dialog.

But one of my foundation principles is that there are no mistakes and that everything is always working out for me—and you—even when it doesn’t look like it.

As much as I wish I could take back that hit of the return key that posted my comments to her page, I am also grateful for the lessons I have learned—or at least remembered in a more vivid way.

It’s not my job to coach everybody. Everyone is where they are and they have every right to be exactly where they are. Everyone’s interpretations are their interepretations. Challenging them is inappropriate and only makes them—and me!—feel bad. It really is better sometimes to shut up and listen.

I would like to thank my friend for giving me the opportunity to gain that clarity. While I would have done anything to spare her—and her friends—any discomfort, I hope very much that there was something of value in this for them, too. And I hereby solemnly swear that I will never jump into a Facebook discussion of something I have put out there ever again.

Next time you make a blunder, do your best to remind your Gremlin that learning is always valuable and that doing stupid things doesn’t make you a bad person. Then turn your focus to all the lessons and opportunities you can mine out of the situation. Sometimes you get the most out of those things that aren’t fun or comfortable.

Together we can do it!

Dance in the Elevator!

This morning I felt so good after working out that I literally was dancing in the elevator and down the hall as I headed back to my hotel room. It was a mixture of feeling energy and eagerness to start my day, as well as contentment after an incredible weekend of connection and insight.

I used to think that I would feel this way after everything had come together in my life. For instance, if only I was thin, then I would be happy. If only I had the perfect relationship or job, etc., etc., then I would be happy.

If we are always waiting for the right set of circumstances to be happy, then how much of our life will actually be spent being happy? Particularly if we are able to meet that goal and it doesn’t bring the fulfillment we think it will?

In the past, I spent a lot of time feeling miserable while waiting to be happy.

Life is too short to wait for happiness to come to you. If you want to be happy on a consistent basis, you have to actively pursue it. You have to figure out how to be happy now regardless of the circumstances.

Some questions to ask yourself: What does being happy mean to you? What are you doing when you feel happy? How can you get more of that feeling in your life?

For me, being happy means being OK with exactly where I am and knowing that there is more joy, love, connection, and contentment in store for me. It’s knowing that everything is always working out for me–even if it doesn’t look like it in the moment. It’s being connected to my Higher Self and my greater purpose.

I feel happiest when I am relaxed and hanging out with family and friends. I feel it when I’m in the moment and being authentically me. I feel it when I write, workout, and meditate. I feel it when I coach and connect with others. I feel it when I play ball with my dogs or snuggle with my cats. I feel it in quiet moments with my husband. I feel it when I focus on gratitude and appreciation.

The more I contemplate when I am happy the more I see other opportunities to be happy. And it builds on itself. The more time I spend being happy the more time I can spend being happy.

Happiness is something that you must cultivate, look for, search out, and create for yourself. And wow is it worth it!

Together we can do it!

Respond a Little Differently

I have a lot of fulfilling things going on in my life right now. And all of them had a deadline of being done before I head out of town today for an intensive weekend of coach training.

In the past, this would have totally stressed me out. I would have spent a lot of time and energy fretting, worrying, and complaining. The thing is, none of those reactions would have supported my getting everything done. They actually would have robbed me of the focus, clarity, and energy that I’ve harnessed to move in the direction I really wanted to go.

Sure I’ve had moments where I felt overwhelmed, but I have taken them as the opportunity to focus on the fact that I can do this and to remember that I am capable, confident, energetic, empowered, and engaged.

I’ve also relied on my faith that I am supported by the Source and Creator of everything in the Universe! That’s a pretty awesome support system to have on your side. What’s everything on my to-do list compared with creating a system of planets that moves in perfect proximity? To the sun rising every day?

With that love and energy flowing through me, I truly can do anything. And so can you.

Together we can do it!

You Have the Power

Imagine for a moment that you are living the life of your dreams. You wake up in the morning feeling good. Your body is full of peaceful energy. Your heart is full of love and appreciation for all the wonderful people, things, and experiences in your life, and you feel truly content.

As you think about the day ahead you are excited and inspired. You wonder why some people call it work because it feels so much more like play! You are so engaged during the day that time seems to disappear, and you are eager to get started as you get out of bed.

As you dress, you notice not only how good your body feels, but how good you look. Your clothes fit well and you feel confident and comfortable. As you look in the mirror you notice that you just seem to radiate wellness and wellbeing.

As you head out the door, someone you haven’t seen in a while is passing by. They exclaim about how amazing you look. You tell them that you feel even better—body, mind, and spirit—and how everything is always working out for you.

They are full of admiration for the changes you’ve made and ask questions about how you’ve made this transformation.

As you head to work, your doctor calls to report on the blood work you had done a few days ago as part of a routine physical exam. She is thrilled to report everything is perfect! All your numbers are right where they should be. She wants to know what you are doing because it’s clearly working!

Take a minute to visualize what the rest of your perfect day looks like. Who is in it? How are you spending your time? What smells are in the air? What physical sensations are you feeling? What do you hear? How does the food you are eating taste? What beautiful things do you see? What is giving you pleasure?

What is the one word that describes how that perfect day makes you feel?

Now imagine that you had a very, very rich great-uncle who you never met who has died. He had the power to make this vision a reality and in his will, you have been given your perfect life. It’s in a trust fund that you can collect in five years if you consistently take a few actions and feel how you described as much as possible between now and then.

Would you do those few actions and choose to feel that good-way to receive your inheritance? What would get in your way?

What if you had the power to begin creating the life of your dreams today and that you would receive the end result just as assuredly as if it was an inheritance waiting for you? Would you take those few actions and feel that way as much as possible today?

What if the only thing stopping you–is you?

Together we can do it!