A Celebration of Life

As my thoughts continue to be with my friends who have recently lost loved ones, today’s Friday Story from Bob Proctor felt like the perfect message to share.

Hello there and welcome, I’m Bob Proctor.

I recently lost a very good friend of mine, Adele Claxton. Roy and Del were good friends and they were very good to me and Del just recently passed away.

I flew out to California where they were holding a celebration of her life. And I thought, what a wise move. You know we’ve got into the habit of having funerals where people sit around and they feel bad about the loss. In the celebration of life we feel good about all the great things Del did and how she helped so many people.

I had an opportunity to speak for a few minutes at it and I was saying that her beautiful personality lives on in her daughters Lorrie and Celeste. Nothing really dies.

I got thinking of all the studying that I have done, all the religion, it doesn’t matter what religion it is. There is no such thing as death. If you study science, nothing is created or destroyed. Think about that for a moment. The soul moves out of the body and it goes on to the next phase of its eternal journey.

I have been asked two or three times on conference calls where we were doing coaching. “How do you handle the grief when you lose someone?”

I said, a certain amount of grief is healthy but then you need to get on and celebrate that person’s life. Understand that person may be gone physically but they are not gone spiritually. You see, even the physical body doesn’t die. If you look at the body through a microscope you see it moving right before your eyes. How would it ever change to dust otherwise?

There is no such thing as death. Birth and death as we know it are both transitions. We move into this body and we will most certainly move out of it.

I have been asked so often that I thought I would turn my thoughts into a Friday story. If you have lost someone close to you, stop and realize that they are on the next phase of their eternal journey. If they could speak to you and they probably would like to, they would probably share with you the words of the poet, where he said, “If you could see where I went you will wonder why you ever wept.”

You see I have been into the non-physical part of our life for a long time. I just decided I was going to do this maybe to help you understand it a little better. Maybe you can share this with a loved one who has just lost a loved one. They may be gone physically but I can assure you they are here in spirit.

Bob Proctor