3 Easy Tips to Create a Slimmer You in 2013

ScaleOver this holiday week, you may have found yourself eating, and eating, and eating!

And you may be beating yourself up about it.

But telling yourself how horrible you are truly is NOT helpful—and it could very well end up making you feel so bad about yourself that you unknowingly sabotage your future efforts to lose weight. 

It will probably go something like this:

You feel fat. You may even feel desperate to lose weight. Every time you feel how tight your clothes are, all you can think about is how much you hate your body.

You know you need to diet and exercise so that you can drop some weight, but it’s the end of the year, right? Why start now?

You make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. You decide that on January 2nd you are going to start dieting and exercising.

Between now and then you keep eating, and eating, and eating. You are trying to cram in every food you love to prepare for months of hunger and deprivation.

You feel bloated, headachy, and slightly sick.

And you hate yourself even more. You feel ashamed that you’ve let your weight get out of hand—again.

On January 2, you force yourself to work out and you start a diet that drastically cuts the amount of food you’ve been eating.

Each day gets harder and harder.

Maybe your diet lasts for a day or two, or for a week or two, or maybe you are even successful at meeting your goal.

And then you feel your control slip.

You just can’t maintain the rigid diet and exercise “rules” you’ve set in place. You’re tired of being hungry. Your tired of feeling deprived. Your tired of feeling like you aren’t fully living your life.

Before you know it, you’ve regained the weight you’ve lost—and then some.

This time next year, you find yourself putting “losing weight” at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions—again.

It’s time to say, “ENOUGH!”

There is another way! And you don’t have to follow rigid rules, feel hungry and deprived to get the body you want. (Honestly!)

The first tip  is to ease up on the self-criticism.

This makes sense when you think about the the foundation principle that Energy Attracts Like Energy (also known at the Law of Attraction).

If you spend all your time thinking about the fact that you don’t have the body you want, you are actually creating more life experiences where you are unhappy with your body.

Begin using this Universal Law to work for you instead of against you! 

Start today by focusing on what you can appreciate about your body. By focusing on what is working and what you do like, you will create more opportunities to appreciate and love your body.

The second tip  is to ease up (just slightly!) on the food intake.

This is not the last time you will be able to eat your favorite foods. (I promise!) When you take off the pressure of “never being able to eat this again!” there is not the frenzy to shove everything in now before the “diet deadline.”

Eat what actually feels good. What you really want in this moment. What you can really savor.

There is more than enough. There is plenty. You can still eat your favorite foods AND lose weight. 

Taking the self-imposed pressure off means you will eat less, enjoy more, and start the year maybe not quite as heavy and physically hung-over as you would be otherwise.

You will feel better and have some momentum going on January 2, so beginning to implement some healthier eating doesn’t come as such a shock to your system.

The third tip is to take baby steps.

If going to the extreme of implementing rigid rules and drastically reduced calories is going to make you feel deprived and resentful—and ultimately send your efforts to create the body you want on the skids—then why go that route?

What if instead you committed to eating a little bit healthier today? Or getting in a 10 minute walktoday? And you celebrated what you did, instead of what you didn’t do? Would making that same commitment be a little easier tomorrow? What would your wellness journey look like next week? Next month? In six months?

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

What step are you willing to take on your wellness journey today?

When you just keep taking those small steps, it’s not too much time before you have achieved your New Year’s Resolution and have created the body—and lifestyle—you want!

Together we can do it!

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Beyond Tragedy: A Wake Up Call

Many people are emotionally reeling from the events that happened Friday in Connecticut.

In yesterday’s blog, I shared my deeply personal story about the self-healing power of forgiveness—even if we belief the actions of someone are unforgivable.

Today, I wanted to share a blog written by my coach, Kendra Thornbury, that outlines how to move forward and create meaning during this challenging time.

While these steps are particularly powerful right now, many of these are the same steps you will need to take to clear any internal blocks—including those that are keeping you from getting the body you want.

Love Yourself

There’s a deep cry that will likely go unheard and get lost in the reactions to the shooting.

It’s the cry of the shooter. As horid as his actions were, to not look to the cause of such actions isirresponsible and, frankly, a disgrace to the lives that were lost.

It’s imperative to recognize that what transpired is an outcome of a systemic problem. The awful outcry is a demonstration of fear based beliefs gone totally out of control.

How do we move forward? How can we create meaning from this?

It begins with accepting responsibility for how we each play a part in creating our world.

This means…

  • Take full responsibility for being an empowered, whole, at-choice member of our human family.
  • No longer tolerate the kinds of choices and behaviors, even on a small scale, that lead to such eruptions.
  • Raise your standards.

It starts with you.

1) Eradicate the violence toward yourself.

The truth is that most of us commit acts of violence toward our selves almost every day.

  • You talk negatively, even violently, to yourself.
  • You judge yourself.
  • You tolerate less than the ideal.
  • You put up with stress & anxiety.
  • You engage depleting habits.
  • You ignore your soul’s desires.
  • You dismiss your dreams.
  • You eat processed & non-nutrient dense food.
  • You abuse your body.
  • You resign to relationships that aren’t an honorable match.
  • You live in fear.

Commit to be a co-creator of peace by stopping any and all acts of violence toward yourself!

First, GET REAL about how you are violent within yourself.

What acts of violence do you carry out toward yourself each day?

What critical, condemning thoughts do you repeat about yourself?

What habits do you allow that are less than loving (if not abusive) to your body?

What choices to you make that suck the life from your soul?

Then, DECIDE you are worth more.

Lastly, CHOOSE to replace the old beliefs & habits with loving and peaceful ones. Nothing less will do!

2) Integrate Your Shadow.

We all have parts.

I am devoted, on purpose and generous.

I am also self-serving, lazy and protective.

Our complexity and dimensions are vast. Yet we all walk around pretending to be “perfect”, keeping up the persona we believe we need to keep in order to belong.

When parts of you that you deem as being unworthy go unacknowledged or unexpressed, they go “underground”.

(These can be parts of you that you are embarrassed or ashamed of.)

What happens is that they become unconscious, shadow aspects. And rather than going away (which you are trying to make them do), they end up running you.

What you run from runs you.

My appeal to you is to get radically honest about your shadow parts and learn to accept and integrate them. As Debbie Ford says, shadows teach us that there is gold to be mined in every experience.

3) Make It Sacred To Feel.

The oppression of emotion DOES NOT WORK. Our emotional intelligence system has been relegated to a weak place. We’ve collectively dismissed emotions, resulting in unconconscious and destructive behaviors. (The Shadow)

It’s natural to feel. Yet every day we deny feelings exist.

My invitation to you is to make it sacred to feel. Choose to hold emotions with reverence and respect.

This is what I’ve done. And in the last 5 days I’ve allowed a spectrum of emotions to move through me. Without this, I would go crazy. I would be boiling just beneath the surface, vulnerable to burst at any unpredictable moment.

surrender to my feelings and let them inform me of a richer reality that does not exist when I pretend and numb out.

After you choose to make your feelings sacred, learn how to be with, express and manage them in a healthy and constructive way.

4) Own Your Projections.

Here’s the “not-so-pretty” way of getting to the point here. People are barfing their stuff on each other all the time.

Mostly we believe it’s “justified” because we feel hurt or victimized by what another says or does. But really, it’s time to grow up and recognize that NO ONE is responsible for our reality.

The truth is that you are powerful and you are the creator.

So stop making others’ responsible for how you feel and what results you get and take charge of reality.

5) Forgive.

It’s time.

Built up resentment and anger is toxic.

The wounds. The betrayal. What he did. What she didn’t do. How you were wronged. The love you didn’t get. The hurts that happened 10, 20, 30 years ago.

Let it go.

Receive the lesson.

And let it go.

6) Love More.

It all comes down to love.

The challenges I pose to you above are ultimately acts of self-love.

And in loving yourself, you will naturally and readily extend the unconditional and heart-centered attention that our people and planet are in such desperate need of right now.

KendraKendra E Thornbry, MA, is an international highly acclaimed coach, spiritual guide, speaker, facilitator, humanitarian and entrepreneur. She’s on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and conscious business practice, blazing a new trail & wealth revolution.

She has served as a board member for the Women’s Business Exchange, Woman’s Way Red Lodge and has been President for the Washington Chapter of the International Coaching Federation.

A personal growth junkie, Kendra’s latest adventures in challenging the status quo include packing her belongings in storage and travelling for 16 months (and still counting).

Labels aside, she considers herself a human being simply doing her best to walk a path of authenticity and integrity while making a much-needed difference.

You can sign up for Kendra’s blog at www.kendrathornbury.com


My blog is moving to my new website LoveYourWaySlim.com. To keep following my posts after January 15, you will need to follow my new blog. I look forward to continuing the journey with you!

Tips for Healthy Holiday Travel

People often say that travel is one of the hardest times to maintain their health and wellness. Add in Thanksgiving or another holiday, and many people just give up altogether.

They may do this because they:

  • Think it’s too hard.
  • Think they will feel deprived.
  • Think that they will impose on or disappoint family if they take care of themselves or skip dishes their loved one worked hard to prepare.
  • Think that it’s just one time a year so what’s the harm?
  • Think that there’s just too much temptation around and they aren’t strong enough to withstand it.
  • Etc.

Do you get that these are just thoughts that you keep thinking?

What if:

  • It’s easier than you currently believe?
  • You can eat everything you really want and still stay on track?
  • You are actually setting a positive example for your family?
  • Your self-confidence shoots through the roof when you follow your wellness plan?
  • You are much stronger than you can possibly imagine?

Here are some tips that will help you stay on track while traveling for the holidays—or any time of year.

Prepare for a Snack Attack

One of the worst things you can do is not eat all day in preparation for a big meal. You are guaranteed that you will overeat and physically pay the price later.

Instead, eat small, frequent meals throughout the day to keep your energy level high and hunger at bay. To do this, you may need to plan ahead and bring some snacks from home. These could include:

  • A baggie of various nuts and dried fruit for a quick and easy trail mix.
  • A stash of protein bars or home-made healthy treats. (One of my favorite road treats are some healthy oatmeal and peanut butter cookies that have no refined sugar and no added oil. See recipe below.)
  • If you have access to a refrigerator, bring along some fat free Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese, and anything else that you might want that needs refrigeration. Often hotels can put a mini-fridge in your room for a small additional fee. This expands the quality and type of snacks you can take if you are driving, or that you can get at a local grocery store once you arrive.

Drink Lots of Water

You need a lot of extra water while traveling. Bringing a refillable bottle is an easy solution. If you don’t like the taste of the tap water, buy bottled water.

If you forget your reusable bottle, just buy a bottle of water and refill it. And skip–or if that will make you feel deprived–go easy on the alcohol, which just dehydrates you further and will result in a wicked hangover the next day.

Eat Only What You Really Love

You may feel like its “polite” to eat a little bit of everything. But all that’s doing is keeping you from truly enjoying the foods that you love—and potentially packing on pounds. Most people aren’t paying that much attention to what you are putting on your plate, so pick the one or two items that you truly love and would feel deprived if you weren’t eating.

Then really savor them. You’ll discover that it’s the first few bites that are packed with the most flavor. When you truly focus on and enjoy those first bites you are more satisfied and can keep your portions small.

And if Aunt Martha complains that you aren’t eating her green bean casserole, tell her you really want to savor it and pack up a serving to eat later–or not! You are empowered to choose what you put into your body.

Scope Our Nearby Restaurants

More and more families are heading out for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you lean towards big chains, or like to sample the local cuisine, the Internet is a great resource for checking out restaurants while on the road.

If you can, check out the on-line menu before you head to dinner so you have planned what you’re going to order. This way, you’ll be less swayed by passing entrees, delicious smells, the bread basket, and a growling tummy to order something less healthy when the waiter finally arrives.

Pack the Pie

After such a big meal, more than a bite of the pumpkin pie will just make you over-full—and pack in more calories than your body needs. Pack up the rest of your piece to eat a few hours later, or even the next day. I promise everyone else will wish they had pie later, too.

Pack Your Workout Clothes

You may not be able to get in your normal workout, but the important thing is to maintain you habit of moving your body.

With a little creativity and flexibility you can absolutely get in a workout—often without even leaving your room. Not only will you feel better, but it’s easier to get right back into your normal routine if you’ve at least done something while on the road.

Travel workout ideas include:

  • Strap on your trainers and walk or run around the block. (This is a particularly good idea when you start to feel the stress of family dynamics.)
  • Pack your iPod and dance for 15 to 30 minutes in your room.
  • Bringing your computer? Pack a workout DVD that can work out to in the privacy of your room.
  • Do weight bearing exercises, such as push-ups and burpees to get you body moving and the blood circulating.

Bonus! Most of these workouts can be done in your pajamas if your workout clothes didn’t make it in the bag.

Your workout doesn’t have to be perfect for you to feel better and be more tolerant of Uncle Ralph reminding everyone of the stupid things you did when you were a kid.

Getting in some kind of physical activity is particularly important if you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting.

Catch Your Zs

One of the keys for making sure you stay on your wellness track while traveling is to get adequate rest, which can be a challenge in a strange bed hearing noises that you’re not used to, or if you have bright lights peaking through your curtains.

Prepare for these problems by packing an eye pillow or mask, ear plugs, and downloading an app on your cell phone that plays ambient noise, like a fan or rainfall.

You know what adequate rest means for you, so do your best to go to bed at a time that will enable you to get the sleep you need.

And if you do find that you ate more than you planned, heeded the call of a holiday treat, or needed the sleep more than the workout, don’t beat yourself up.

To achieve optimal wellness, you only need to be consistent, not perfect.

Please share the travel tips that have worked for you! The best way to learn is from each other, and I would love to learn from you!

Together we can do it!

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies 

  • 1 ½ cups oatmeal
  • ¼ cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 2.5 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoons salt
  • 1 cup peanut butter (I use SmartBalance to get more Omega 3s)
  • ½ c packed dark brown sugar
  • ¼ c honey
  • 2 tablespoons warm water
  • 2 egg whites

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Coat two baking sheets with cooking spray.

Mix the oats, flour, cinnamon, and salt in a medium bowl. Set aside.

Combine the peanut butter, brown sugar, honey, water and egg whites in a large bowl. Whisk until smooth. Add the oatmeal mixture and stir until blended.

Drop by tablespoons onto the prepared baking sheets, creating 24 cookies. Press down into cookie shape. Bake 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and let cool on the sheets for 5 minutes. Transfer to a rack to cool completely.

A serving is 1 to 2 cookies. Each cookie is about 100 calories.

Choosing to Work for the Body You Want

While I’m in Sedona, Arizona, attending a business mastermind retreat, I’m sharing one of my favorite past blogs.

Last night I took a look at all the things that are pretty commonly thought of as requirements for being healthy.

Things like eating healthy foods, exercise, drinking water, getting enough sleep, etc.

What was different was that instead of evaluating how well I am doing in each category–which leaves plenty of room for self-judgmentI looked at how I am approaching each thing.

  • Is it something I “won’t” or “can’t” do?
  • Is it something I “have to” do?
  • Is it a “need to” do?
  • Or is it something I “choose to ” or “choose not to” do?

This may sound like semantics, but in truth, the positive anabolic energy generated in approaching everything as a choice is like putting a rocket launcher on your ability to achieve your goals.

When you make working-out something you “choose-to” do, you are empowered. Even when you choose not to exercise today, you cut out all the guilt and self-punishment, and are still empowered.

Telling yourself you “can’t or “won’t” exercise removes all choice and generates negative catabolic energy that bogs down your momentum like wheels getting stuck in mud.

Feeling like you “have to” workout is only a little better because your ability to choose is still limited.

Telling yourself you “need to” work out gives you more of a choice and starts to shift your momentum.

Choosing your actions gives you total control.

It was empowering just looking down this list with my fabulous mentor coach Jennifer Barley and seeing that in eight out of 12 categories, I am functioning at not only a “choose to” level, but a strong “want to!”

Taking out judgment left me feeling confident about my ability to achieve my wellness-goals.

For instance, it doesn’t matter that I am choosing to decrease the intensity of my workouts for the time being because of tweaking the muscles in my back (something I have been judging myself for).

What is important is that I am still choosing to work out five to six times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes doing what I can do. I’m still empowered and moving towards my goal; more slowly perhaps, but still forward.

That left only four categories that I feel I “need to” be doing to be healthy.

Instead of judging my overall wellness based on some room for improvement, I can separate out those few categories and work on shifting my thoughts around them from “Need to” to “Choose to.” That feels much more doable and like something, well, I “want to” do!

Here’s how to do this exercise for yourself.

  • What is your wellness goal?
  • Make a list of all the things that you believe you “have to” do to achieve it.
  • Then rank how you are approaching those things.

Are you closer to the disempowered “have to” or the empowered “choose to?” What can you do to move any low-energy areas to things that you “want to” do? How different does that feel?

Together we can do it!

Are you struggling with your weight?

Are you worried about holiday weight gain?

Are you ready to get the body you really want?

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Healthy Communication From the Inside Out

While I’m in Sedona, Arizona, attending a business mastermind retreat, I’ve asked a few fabulous bloggers to step in. Today’s guest blog is by Renée Vos de Wael.

Communication is something we do all day.

It starts in the morning when you wake up and goes on until you have brushed your teeth and switched off the light to enjoy a blissful nights rest.

It is interesting to watch how you communicate throughout the whole day—with yourself and others.

Have you ever taken the time to be your own observer? To do so in an unbiased way is challenging to say the least. I know.

I gave myself the task to pay close attention to the words I use during the day—and was surprised by the results. It took me a couple of tries not to judge myself.

It started out with simple things. For example, I walked out the door and was almost to the car when I realized that I had forgotten my phone. I had to go back inside to get it and while walking back I noticed the conversation I was having with myself.

“Why are you always forgetting something? You must be a real idiot to forget such simple things.”

All this negative self-talk going on inside my head just because I forgot my phone. “Really?” I had to stop and ask, “Is it necessary to be so harsh with myself?”

Another moment of self-observation was while doing homework with the kids.

Coordinating homework for three kids is not my strong suit. As a kid, I always found doing my own homework hard because I never understood the purpose of it! So I find it a challenge to get my children motivated.

After a snack and something to drink . . . homework!

The requirement that homework has to be completed the next day makes it a lot easier. (It’s always better to finish everything and not leave things to the last moment!)

But after a while, I start to get annoyed. They are tired and want to play, and I end up forcing them to finish their homework by any means possible. Then the internal dialogue starts and I’m questioning my abilities as a mum.

“Am I too hard on them? The things I say are not always the nicest, which comes from forcing something on them.”

“Am I a good mum for putting them in this school? This is our life at the moment and there isn’t much choice of schooling.”

While I’m having this conversation in my head, as soon as the kids are finished with their work, they’re off and playing. They’re all smiles and we’re laughing together again and all seems forgotten.

I needed to start using different words with myself so I didn’t feel so beaten and bruised.

And I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this type of negative self-talk.

This is something that you are doing to you. No one else is judging you this way, so why are you judging yourself so harshly?

And more importantly, how do you change your internal communication?

As the Nike commercial says, “Just do it!”

Here’s an exercise to get you started:

Notice every time something nasty or self-destructive turns up in your thoughts about yourself, and replace it with a positive thought. It can be a word or phrase you come up with, or it can be something from a book.

Notice that the more you practice this exercise, the better you are at getting your emotions under control and not being so critical of yourself.

I can tell you from experience that it is not easy, but it is doable.

It not only helps you feel better about yourself, but it impacts those around you in a positive way. And if you stumble and fall, get up and start again!



Renée Vos de Wael (PCC) is an open-hearted and full-energy personality. She is a coach, educator, group facilitator, walker, traveler, wife, mother, and student. Being a globetrotter for over 10 years has given her an open mind and flexible attitude towards life. She is an intuitive who sees the beauty and light in people, even before they have noticed it themselves. Renee loves the idea that we can reinvent ourselves whenever we need—or want to. Working with and for people has been her passion. The different cultures where Renee has lived has taught her to view life from different angles, and engage in a life filled with challenges and opportunities.

A member of both the International Coaching Academy and International Coach Federation, Renee’s background is mixed in various spiritual philosophies. She has studied with many teachers, including Sonia Choquette, and is a trained Six Sensory™ Level 2 Practitioner.

You can read Renee’s blog at http://reneevosdewael.com/blog/

Are you struggling with your weight?

Are you worried about holiday weight gain?

Are you ready to get the body you really want?

I have 2 coaching spaces open to help you love your way slim.

If you are serious about transforming your mind and body so that:

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Don’t wait till Jan 2 to take inspired action. Start creating the body—and life—you want today.

Catch the Wave of Change

I’m heading to Sedona, Arizona, to attend a business mastermind retreat and am sharing one of my favorite blogs from the past. I’m also sending much love and positive energy to my clients, readers, collegues, and friends who have been dealing with the sudden changes brought by Hurricane Sandy. Be patient with yourselves as you deal with the intensity of this upheaval.

While it can seem like we are basically living the same day over and over again, that’s actually a fallacy. You may be following the same routine, but all around you is change.

The clouds in the sky will never be exactly the same pattern again. The birds and animals will never be in the exact same place. The cars and people moving around in their day are in totally new perspectives and positions from one another. The people we see and talk too are different, and even the words that we say to the people who are most consistent in our lives will be different.

This is truly a new day.

There is a basic life principle that says, “The Only Constant is Change.” We live totally immersed in change because it’s the normal process of life.

The problem comes when we refuse to accept change as a natural process, and instead try to control it.

You know you are trying to control change if it feels like you are being hit by a tidal wave. You may feel overwhelmed, worried, or fearful. You may feel like a victim of circumstances. 

Embracing change feels like the exhilaration of riding that wave. Of being on top of it and moving and shifting with it until it runs its course. It is feeling empowered to make your own choices, and to know you have a choice even in the most difficult situations.

Being faced with two options you don’t like still gives you the power to choose.

If you have already been slammed by the wave of change and are doing your best just to stay afloat, how likely is it that you are going to be able to shift immediately to riding it?

It’s better to grab hold of your board, catch your breath, and use the lessons that you learned about what you don’t want to help you figure out what you do want

You want to be better prepared to catch the next wave!

While it may seem simple, a powerful way to help move you from underneath the wave to successfully riding it is to change your thoughts and language.

Changing the words you use—and the thoughts behind them—can truly change your reality. Suddenly you can see that a new wave is coming in, instead of being so focused on surviving that you totally miss the signs.

Simple changes like shifting:

“Have to,” to “Want to”

“Need to,” to “It’s Important to Me”

“Can’t” to “I choose not to”

These changes can profoundly impact how you adjust to change because you are shifting your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want.

Focusing on what you do want generates positive anabolic energy and keeps you centered and powerful. It builds you up and helps you believe in yourself.

Focusing on what you don’t want generates negative catabolic energy that is disempowering and tears you down. It keeps you stuck under those pounding waves.

What can you do to begin changing your language? How can you remind yourself to focus on what you do want versus what you have to do? Pay attention to how you feel as a result.

Begin doing that consistently and you’ll be riding those waves of change before you know it.

Together we can do it!

Are you struggling with your weight?

Are you worried about holiday weight gain?

Are you ready to get the body you really want?

I have 2 coaching spaces open to help you love your way slim. If you are serious about transforming your mind and body so that:

  • You create the holidays you really want and never feel deprived.
  • You start the New Year energized and feeling fabulous.
  • You break the cycle of losing and regaining weight—once and for all.

Secure your spot now by emailing me at hannagoss@goss-coaching.com by November 11 to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session. These powerful and empowering sessions are available on a limited basis.

Don’t wait till Jan 2 to take inspired action. Start creating the body—and life—you want today.

Choose a Good Day for a Great Body

Does having one bad experience ruin your whole day?

People often complain to everyone about the traffic jam they got stuck in, or the rude clerk, or their uncooperative kid.

But how much of your day did that bad experience take up?

Often the event that you reacted to with negative, catabolic thoughts and feelings  didn’t last very long. So why does it color your entire day?

What do you think the impact is on your body when you dwell predominately on that short-term negative event rather than the more prevalent positive or neutral experiences?

Your negative thoughts—about everything—generates catabolic energy that releases the stress hormone cortisol, adrenaline, and other harmful chemicals that over time deteriorate your body at the cellular level.

Chronic catabolic thoughts and feelings significantly impact your metabolism and other weight-related systems making it easier to gain and harder to release weight.

And no matter how significant the negative event, it is still your choice to focus on it—or not.

This was brought home to me a number of years ago during a conversation with a friend whose husband died unexpectedly while they were getting ready for work. He literally died in her arms.

It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Not long after, I asked how she was doing. Her response, “I’m having a few bad moments in otherwise good days.”

That struck me not only in the heart, but in the head. If she wasn’t allowing the sudden and traumatic death of her husband to bring her down, than what excuse did I have for responding badly to anything going on in my life?

Taking control of creating the body—and life—you want doesn’t mean you will never experience difficult situations. What it means is that you see those situations differently and choose your responses rather than just reacting.

You have the power to have a few bad moments in an otherwise good day—no matter what is going on in your life. Or you can focus so much on that bad thing that you have a terrible day.

The challenge is, when you’ve gotten used to focusing on the negative events, it does takes a little practice to shift your focus to those things you can appreciate.

Here are some tips to switch your focus when you catch yourself in a negative rant:

  • Make a list of things you appreciate that you read and add to daily.
  • Stop and take 3 to 10 deep breaths.
  • Focus on the buzz of your computer or hum of the heater for 5 minutes.
  • Look out the window for a few minutes and focus on a bird or plant.
  • Put your hand on your heart and count the beats.
  • Think about your pets, kids, or anything that makes you go Ahhh. 

What can you focus on to make today a good day? How does that help you create a great body?

Together we can do it!

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Focus on the Body You Want

I recently watched a woman grab her stomach and say, “This is why I want to lose weight.”

Of course that’s an obvious reason. And it’s extremely helpful to get clear on what you don’t want so you can figure out what you do want.

But what trips so many women up is they stay focused on what they don’t want.

This is a key reason so many women struggle to lose weight—and to keep it off.

Here’s why.

You’re fighting the laws of the Universe.

This makes sense when you think about the Foundation Principle that “Energy Attracts Like Energy,” also known as the Law of Attraction.

When you are focused on the fat, angry about the fat, desperate to get rid of the fat—you are stuck in the energy of fat. Ultimately you are attracting more opportunities to be focused on, angry about, and desperate to get rid of fat.

At its simplest, you get what you focus on—whether you want it or not.

Because you carry your body with you wherever you go, it can make it extremely difficult to shift your thoughts about your body from what is to what you want.

  • You are faced with “what is” every time you dress.
  • You are faced with “what is” every time you look in the mirror.
  • You are faced with “what is” every time you see someone who has what you don’t.

Is it any wonder so many women struggle with their weight?

How do you begin focusing more on what you want rather than what you don’t? More on what you like rather than what you hate? More on what you judge to be good rather than bad?

While it may seem counter-intuitive, accepting where you are is one of the fastest ways to accomplish your goals.

It may feel like letting go of the struggle and the discomfort of where you are will leave you content with a situation or condition you really want to change.

This is especially true with losing weight. There can be a lot of fear around accepting your current body weight, shape, and condition.

Calories count, right, so won’t you just go and eat everything in sight if you accept where you are?

Without that desperate desire to change, where’s the motivation to get up in the morning to work out?

Doesn’t losing weight require constant control and discipline, and you’re a slacker if you slip up?

But if you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, ease up on the negative catabolic energy that is truly holding you in your current condition.

Letting go of the fight, self-criticism, and the desire to have the end result right now acts like a release valve for all that pent-up catabolic energy.

It enables you to shift the momentum you have generated that is moving you towards what you don’t want, so that you can begin to move towards the body you do want.

When you ease up on yourself and put down the verbal lash, you can begin:

  • Focusing on the reasons you want to make a change
  • Envisioning the body that you do want
  • Celebrating each tiny step that you make towards achieving your goals

The more you surrender and focus on your success, the more you build positive momentum that will be like a tidal wave moving you towards your goal. With that momentum, the actions you take become easier and have more impact.

And you feel excited and inspired, which are your indications that you are working with the laws of the Universe rather than against them.

What can you do today to accept that you are where you are? When you feel a sense of relief, you will know you will have successfully hit the energetic release valve and will more easily move towards your goals.

Together we can do it!

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Transforming Your Mind to Get the Body—and Life—You Want

I try to practice what I preach.

While I’m far from perfect, my self-care is a priority. Most of the time, I eat healthy food, make meditation and moving my body a part of my daily routine, and strive to get adequate sleep.

And I focus on appreciating myself and what I contribute to the world.

But I got a strong message yesterday during a Reiki session that I’m not following the advice I give to my clients. That I’m not being as gentle with myself as I could be, that I’m letting old fear get in the way of showing up as my fullest and brightest self—as Who I really am—and that I’m not fully loving myself.

I’ve come a long way, but clearly I have more work to do!

The good news—and what I tell my clients—is that every layer of fear, resistance, and self-judgment that we let go of makes our lives better and better. And we never finish finding new layers that we have the opportunity to release.

Bottom line: the better life gets, the better it can get.

And honestly, the message I received wasn’t that surprising.

  • I’m aware of how self-critical I can be when my eating is less than perfect, which has been more frequent in the past few weeks.
  • I’m aware of the judgments that can still come when I look in the mirror.
  • I’m aware of holding my loving and exuberant-self back from dancing down the street—and many other things—out of fear of what other people will think.
  • I’m aware that how I express myself in my dress and physical appearance is based on old rules and other’s expectations.
  • I’m aware of the fear of judgment I have because I’m guiding women to love their way slim—and I am not as slim as I could be. There is definitely a part of me that feels like I need to have 8 percent body fat and be ripped to be a legitimate example. I see the coaches who are that, and I negatively compare myself.

Just imagine all the layers I’m not aware of!

So as I encourage you to do the work to transform your mind to get the body you want, know that I’m doing the same. That I’m focused on peeling those catabolic inner layers because that is Who I want to be and how I want to live my life.

  • I want to be gentle and easy with myself.
  • I want to feel good about each decision I make.
  • I want to look in the mirror and bask in appreciation and love.
  • I want to fully be me and express myself.
  • I want to be confident in the value that I am providing each of you fabulous readers and to my amazing clients.

No matter what. From exactly where I am.

I’m not perfect, but I am willing to do the work.

How about you?

Together we can do it!

Blow the Whistle on Negative Self-Talk

I meant to get my workout in this morning.

That’s not something I say often. Typically, if I set the goal, I get it done.

Right on cue, my inner critic has shown up and started telling me that I’m lazy—one of its long-time messages.

I’m blowing my internal whistle on the negative self-talk.

When that part of you that believes that you are less than who you really are shows up, it’s important to take your rightful place as the Coach calling the plays of your life.

Remind your Gremlin that it’s a member of your team meant to help and support you.

I’m assigning my Gremlin the job of helping me get back on track. If I’m taking an unexpected rest day, then tomorrow I want it to encourage me to get up and get moving, remind me of my form, ask me if the weights I’ll be using are challenging enough, and push me to squeeze out one more rep. I want it to help me push past my beliefs about what I think I can do and really give my workout my all.

One of the reasons so many people let that internal voice dominate their inner monologue is they don’t know their own power. They don’t realize that their Gremlin’s job is to help them, not hold them back.

When you give all your power to the Gremlin, it gets a little greedy and controlling. What player left in charge of the team wouldn’t start to believe they’re calling the shots? What’s more, the Gremlin likes being in charge!

This can result in a bit of an internal power struggle when people do start to claim the right to create their own lives.

There are ways to not only make this process easier, but to increase your ability to successfully reclaim the position of Coach in your life.

Here are some tips to recruit and begin to train your inner critic to become the motivational voice that encourages you to move past your believed limits.

  • Look for the Truth. That negative thing the Gremlin is saying isn’t the Truth. It’s just playing on your fears. Figure out what is True. For instance, if it’s telling you the healthy food on your plate is too fattening, look for the Truth, which is that you have thought out your meal plan, you have chosen quality foods bursting with nutrition, and your body not only is perfectly capable of utilizing the calories you are eating, but actually needs them to function optimally.
  • Treat your Gremlin with respect. Your Gremlin is a part of you and because of this you can’t kill it, beat it up, threaten it, or destroy it. Any attempt to do those things will just make it stronger. When it pipes up uninvited, thank it for the input and then remind it of the Truth.
  • Give it a job supporting you. Think about how the energy of the Gremlin could be shifted to help you meet your goals rather than hold you back.
  • Remember you’re the Coach. Take ownership of your life and begin calling the plays. You have the power to decide how you are going to react in every situation. You can follow the Gremlin’s old game plan, or implement a new one that helps create the body–and life–you want.

How are you doing at being the Coach of your life? What can you do today to train your Gremlin to support you? How does that change your ability to meet your goals?

Together we can do it!