You are Worth Celebrating

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know…

…that false modesty will get you nowhere — nor will

genuine modesty when it is not required.


Modesty is rarely required by Life, did you know that?

It’s true. People are more self-deprecating than they

ever need to be. God says it’s okay to celebrate

your self. Honor the self, and delight in expressing

your talents and your gifts.


It is through the happy sharing of your treasures that

you show other people that they are treasured.

Always, always remember that.

Neale Donald Walsch

I heard from a fabulous woman yesterday who was so proud of herself for choosing not to eat any Halloween candy.

But as we were celebrating her success, every other sentence downplayed her achievement.

She said things like:

  • “I know it’s silly, but . . .”
  • “It’s not that big a deal . . .”
  • “Maybe I don’t have a big sweet tooth . . .”
  • “It’s stupid to make such a big deal out of this . . .”

I hear these kind of self-deprecating statements a lot. They are not necessary—nor are they helping you get the body you want.

The more clearly you can visualize and celebrate yourself at your best the more you actually show up as that person.

This is true even if you did eat some candy or other Halloween treats.

Another woman I was talking to allowed herself to have two, small homemade chocolate chip cookies in a day of otherwise impeccable eating.

While she wasn’t beating herself up about them (Progress!), she also wasn’t celebrating:

  • The good food she did eat all day.
  • Her moderation and restraint.
  • How much better for her the cookies made with love and fresh ingredients were than highly processed candy.
  • How delicious the cookies were and how she focused on eating them and enjoyed every single morsel with gratitude.

Taking a more positive view and focusing on what you are doing “right” generates momentum towards achieving your goals.

The first step towards shifting your focus to build momentum to achieving the body—and life—that you want, is to ask yourself:

  • How often do you give yourself a mental high-five?
  • How often do you feel the need to downplay your success?
  • How willing are you to be silly and playful as you celebrate yourself?

Then take some time to focus on you. Appreciate your unique personality, skills, and talents. Catalog what you are doing to help you meet your goals.

And let go of the rest.

What are the things that you appreciate most about you? Go ahead and look. You are worth celebrating.

Together we can do it!

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