Wellness Tip of the Day


Wellness Tip of the Day: Withholding love does not punish others—no matter how horrible they have been. But it does harm your body, mind, and spirit.


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Wellness Tip of the Day


Wellness Tip of the Day: Love yourself enough to take care of you—body, mind, and spirit—which gives you the physical and spiritual capital to give to others.


My blog is moving to my new website LoveYourWaySlim.com. For the next month, I will post both here and there. To keep following my posts after January 15, you will need to follow my new blog. I look forward to continuing the journey with you!

How to Use Gratitude To Get the Body You Want

GiftDo you ever catch yourself grumbling or complaining about what someone else did or didn’t do, or even how they did it?

This is particularly prevalent during the holidays.

You may be:

  • Frustrated that your partner isn’t jumping in to do all the extra holiday chores.
  • Irritated or overwhelmed at having to do everything yourself because nobody else can wrap those packages like you.
  • Feeling unappreciated because all the time and energy you have put into making the house festive has gone unnoticed.

What if those negative emotions you are feeling are impacting your wellness?

Negative emotions generate catabolic energy that over time weakens your immune system, exhausts your physical energy, and can make it easier to gain and harder to release weight.

What if letting go of the stress caused by negative emotions also means that you receive the benefits—body, mind, and spirit?

Is it worth your health to let go of anger, frustrations, and resentments that are not only hurting you, but are actually keeping you from the body—and life—you want?

Think about all the time out of your day that you feel frustrated, irritated, overwhelmed, exhausted, or powerless.

Now compare that with how much time you spend feeling appreciative, loving, joyful, content, and hopeful? 

Where is your focus most of the time?

If you are loving more than you are criticizing, awesome! You are already creating a body—and life—that you want.

If you are spending more time grumbling or complaining, how is this reflected back to you in how your body looks and feels?

One simple but profound way to begin shifting your core energy is to spend as little as a minute every day feeling grateful

This could be:

  • Praising your partner for helping out, even when they do things differently than how you would have done them. Done equals beautiful!
  • Asking for and appreciating the help that you do get to finish all the extra holiday chores, and letting go of what doesn’t get done.
  • Focusing on the best qualities of everyone you love and forgiving them for not being perfect. And most importantly, forgiving yourself for not being perfect!

Believe it or not, focusing on what you do appreciate for just one minute a day can have a profound impact on your wellness.

No one else is in your mind. No one is forcing you to think or feel anything. If you are holding on to frustrations and irritations it is because you have your mental fist grasped tightly around thoughts that are not serving you.

The solution is to begin to allow those things that frustrate and irritate you to run through your mind like water running through your fingers.

Just let them go.

As soon as you do, you feel lighter emotionally.

You feel relief.

And that new lightness is directly impacting your wellness down to your cellular level.

As you let go of that stress and the negative emotions and focus more on gratitude, it is you that receives the benefit—body, mind, and spirit.

Isn’t your wellness worth it?

Together we can do it!

How to Be Fit, Strong, and Slim

“You must become a Vibrational Match to the qualities you seek, because what comes to you always matches you.”


Stop trying and Be.

This is the message I have been receiving.

Stop trying to be fit, strong, and slim, and Be fit, strong, and slim. Stop trying in all areas of my life, and Be who I want to be.

What does this look like?

To Be fit, strong, and slim then you must consistently make the decisions that someone who is fit, strong, and slim would make. You must think like a slim person, react like a slim person, embody a slim person.

How do you do this when you have never been fit, strong, and slim, or didn’t pay attention when you were?

You have to tap into the power of your imagination.

Imagine. . .

Being at your optimal weight

Appreciating, and feeling comfortable and confident in your body

Waking up every morning energized and eager to start your day

Thriving—body, mind, and spirit

Maximizing your self-care so that you have the energy and time to care for others

Feeling attractive

Having fun in the process of achieving your goals

Having control over hunger, cravings, and emotions

Enjoying sharing your love physically with your partner

Creating a body—and life—that you love

Imagine how that would feel, and feel that way right now.

You have just harnessed the vibrational energy of your thoughts and emotions, which will make taking action that much easier. Practice these thoughts and feelings daily and you’ll pave the way for easier and more effective action.

Ah, the ever-important action.

Yes, the action of making healthy decisions is important, but the reason so many diet and exercise programs fail in the long-term is that they only focus on the external.

Action alone only has so much energetic power. When you tie it to the energy of your thoughts and emotions, you’ve just added a rocket booster to the action.

To take the action to Be fit, strong, and slim, find a healthy diet and exercise program that feels like something that you could make a life-style, and then consistently follow it. And when you are faced with a choice think about and decide how the fit, strong, and slim You would react, and then react that way.

Stop trying and Be.

Every moment of every day you are creating your life. Each decision will either hold you in place or move you towards the person you want to become.

What decisions are you going to make today that will help you Be that person?

Together we can do it!

They’re More Like Guidelines Really

Typically, Saturday’s aren’t that much different from weekdays for me.

The biggest difference is instead of getting up at my normal time of 4:30 a.m., I sleep in until 6:30 when the dogs pretty much insist I get up and attend to their needs. I then meditate, workout, write a blog, and work on the list of things I have set for myself that are helping me move towards my goals, or are taking care of household or others needs.

I’m not complaining. This is by choice and I love getting things done on the weekend.

But today has been a much more gentle and self-nurturing Saturday. My husband, David, attended to the animals this morning and I was luxuriously able to turn over and go back to sleep. After meditating and working out, I came downstairs to find David making healthy pancakes (you can find the recipe in the Eating for Life cookbook), and we had a wonderful time enjoying breakfast together while admiring the backyard we have been working to landscape. I then did some reorganizing in the kitchen that I’ve been itching to do for a few weeks, but just hadn’t given myself the time to do.

This much more relaxed Saturday morning is just what my body, mind, and spirit were asking for. I’m glad I gave myself this extra time—and that David stepped in to help facilitate it. And really, my blog isn’t going to be coming out that much later than it normally does on the weekend, and I have a feeling that being a little more refreshed will enable me to get more of my to-do list done.

How often do you create a schedule for yourself and become unwilling to deviate from it? How much does your inner critic judge you if you allow yourself to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, or just stop and enjoy the moment?

There’s a sweet spot of setting goals and challenging yourself to do and be more, and listening to your body, mind, and spirit and giving yourself time to relax, recharge, and connect on a deeper level.

The schedule and goals that we set for ourselves might be best viewed as guidelines instead of rules. They are helpful for moving us forward but can begin to chafe if they are too rigid or regimented.

Having the energy and well-being to take care of others comes from our ability to first take care of ourselves. This means that we must find ways to be loving, understanding, and flexible with ourselves, and to do what we need to fulfill our own needs when we recognize them.

What are you doing to take care of yourself today? How does lightening up on yourself actually give you more energy? What difference does this make in your ability to give to others?

Together we can do it!

Do You Need That to Be Healthful?

nour•ish \ˈnər-ish, ˈnə-rish\ verb

nour•ish•es; nour•ished; nour•ish•ing

[+ obj] 1 : to provide (someone or something) with food and other things that are needed to live, be healthy, etc.

▪ Plants are nourished [=fed] by rain and soil. ▪ Vitamins are added to the shampoo to nourish the hair. ▪ a well-nourished baby

2 : to cause (something) to develop or grow stronger

▪ a friendship nourished by trust ▪ Her parents nourished [=supported] her musical talent.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

How well-nourished are you? I’m not just asking about your diet, but am including your mind, emotions, and soul.

For many, nourishment may not be something they think about at all. For some, nutrition is what comes to mind. There are few of us who can claim to be well-nourished in all areas of our lives.

But if you think about the difference nourishing food can make to your body, just imagine what would happen if you also consciously nourished your mind with information, ideas, and even entertainment that enhanced your knowledge, awareness, and clarity?

Imagine nourishing relationships that are easy, loving, satisfying, and fun? Imagine nourishing spiritual practices that lead to richer, fuller, and more fulfilling life experiences? Imagine nourishing activities (such as work!) that are fun, interesting, and exciting?

What did you do yesterday? How much of that nourished you—body, mind, and spirit? How much of it drained or depleted you?

What are you doing today? How much of what you have on your to-do list is nourishing? What do your choices mean for the overall quality of your life? What choices would you need to make to be truly well-nourished?

Together we can do it!

Photo by Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Transformation Mastery


I am getting excited to start an 18-week challenge tomorrow for Transformation Mastery. During this challenge I am releasing 10 pounds of fat–as well as lingering fear or limiting beliefs about what I can and cannot do. I am also increasing my fitness and nutrition level, and lean muscle mass. I am continuing to strive to be the best that I can be–body, mind, and spirit! This is going to be fun!