You Are Worthy!

Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you” and really mean it?

It was only about seven years ago that I literally could not look myself in the eye and say anything positive. All I could see were my flaws. When I tried saying positive affirmations about myself or my body they would literally stick in my throat because they were such lies.

Wow I’ve come a long way. And I now know that to truly open up my heart to others and strive to be the best version of me, I had to learn to love myself first. Far from being the selfish act I thought it was, self-love gives you the energy and empowerment to be more self-less.

Today’s assignment in my 21-day Gratitude Challenge is to stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and focus on at least five things that I love about myself.

I did this just a moment ago after finishing an upper body workout in our home gym, so I was feeling a lot of anabolic energy. Even though my hair was hastily pulled back and parts of it were sticking up in funny angles, I had no makeup on, and I was slightly sweaty, when I looked in the mirror what I saw was beautiful.

With a timer set for five minutes, I focused on the reflection of me. Here is what I wrote in my journal.

  • I love my eyes.
  • I love my expressive face that pretty much always registers what I am thinking.
  • I love my crooked smile.
  • I love my messy, curly, dark hair.
  • I love that one ear is a little higher than the other.
  • I love my strong shoulders.
  • I love my shapely legs. Truly, they may be my best feature.
  • I love my soft stomach and backside. While I often still judge these areas as less than perfect, they are beautiful indicators that I have more internal work to do and they let me know that my love for myself and my body will only grow and expand.

As I looked myself in the eye, I said, “I love you, Hanna,” and I reveled in the exquisite tingle that rippled up my arms and legs as I said it—and meant it.

What shifted me from self-loathing to where I am now was when I realized that it was not only OK to love myself, but was who I was meant to be. It was when I finally “got” that Source (God, the Universe, Higher Self—whatever works for you) not only loves me, but absolutely adores me and sees my body as perfect.

Who am I to contradict All-That-Is?

If I am loved, that must mean that I am loveable and worthy of self-love. It was time for me to appreciate who I am, and the unique gifts and perspective that I bring to this growing and expanding Universe.

I love the moments when I can look at myself and revel in the person and body I’ve helped co-create, and I am looking forward to continuing to open my heart so that I can more fully love and appreciate myself exactly as I am.

Just as I am loved and adored by All-That-Is, you are loved and adored–exactly as you are. You are so worthy. You are beautiful. You add irreplaceable value to this world.

What are those things about yourself that you can agree with Source are worth appreciating? What can you do today to acknowledge and express love for those things about yourself? Today, look for those things. Acknowledge those things. Celebrate those things. Because you are worthy!

Together we can do it!