Ready or Not! Swimsuit Season is Here!

Memorial Day weekend is before us and pools across the U.S. will be opening for Summer.

If you’ve been working hard and are fit and ready to show off your bikini-ready body; Congratulations!

If not, don’t decline that pool-party invitation. Go and have fun, anyway.

Too often, people are so afraid of how others “might” judge them that they curtail their summer activities and how much fun they allow themselves to have. Pool- or beach-side fun are put off until some future time when they have lost the weight or are in better shape. Or if they do go, they’re so uncomfortable that they wind up being miserable.

Life is too short to put off fun—perhaps indefinitely—because of what someone “might” think. That’s like not being willing to go outside because a meteor “might” fall on your head.

It’s time to start living fully now.

One way to shift your thoughts to allow yourself to be more comfortable pool-side is to think about what you think about others. Are you judging them harshly or are you so concerned about your own body that you aren’t giving them much thought? And if you are judging others, how long are you focused on them before your thoughts turn back to yourself?

Most people aren’t judging you because they are too focused on how they look in a swimsuit. And if they are judging, you may be a target of their focus for a total of 30 seconds before they turn their focus to someone else, or more likely, back to themselves and what they’re doing.

How reasonable it is to curtail your fun and enjoyment for any amount of time because of what someone “might” think about you for 30 seconds? Seriously, is the impact on your life worth it?

I know it feels scary. I’ve had people say hurtful things about my body. But my curtailing my joy is giving that person and that 30 second incident way more power than it deserves. And if I had been fully present, confident in Who I am, and having fun anyway, would they have seen me the same way and said what they said? I think not.

What’s really happening is you are judging yourself way more harshly and for much longer than anyone else on the planet. This really isn’t about the judgment of others. This is about your continual self-judgment. You are holding the key to the shackles that you have put on yourself. And you have the power set yourself free.

Unfortunately the mental shackles we put in place are often way more powerful than a ball and chain would be. It will probably take practice to move from insecurity to security. But it can be done, and the reward is a fuller, richer, and more joyful life. Might be worth practicing, don’t you think?

One way to practice is to pick someone whose body you admire. Then image what it would feel like to have that body. Would you feel confident, appreciative, and sexy?

Find those feelings and literally practice feeling that way. For instance, think about when you feel most confident, and then feel confident. Think about things about your body that you can appreciate—even if it’s that your heart is beating or you have beautiful hands—and feel appreciative. Think about a time you have felt sexy in the past—and feel sexy now.

There is no law that says that because your body isn’t perfect, you don’t deserve to live the life of your dreams. How can you let go of those self-imposed limitations? How can you live life more fully now?

Together we can do it!

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We’re Having Fun Now!

When you think of having fun what comes to mind?

Typically fun is associated with relaxation and recreation (re-creation). For most people, having fun means being on vacation, perhaps at the beach or on a cruise, or having a drink with friends, or being at a sporting event. Fun is defined by being kicked-back with nothing to do and no responsibilities.

While this kind of re-creation is indeed fun and incredibly important for recharging our positive anabolic batteries, when fun is so narrowly defined, most of life is spent not having fun.

What if you were to broaden and expand your definition of fun? What if you began to include what you’re doing?

Fun is laughing so hard you cry, being with friends and family, and feeling free, but it’s also solving problems, achieving a goal, being engaged in the task at hand, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Fun is pushing yourself to and past your limits, knowing you gave something your all, reaching out to help another, and shifting how you think about a situation, person, or event.

Fun is pursuing things you’re passionate about, embracing who you truly are, learning from experiences that many might call mistakes, and being aligned with your core values.

Fun is taking responsibility for everything in your life, is quiet moments of meditation and appreciation, and is striving for excellence.

Fun is repairing damaged relationships, admitting when you’re wrong or don’t have all the answers, and is striving to be the best possible version of you.

Fun is taking life as it comes, focusing more on where you are than on your future destination, and making decisions that move you towards your ultimate goal.

Fun is seeing the opportunities in every moment, cultivating a belief that everything is always working out for you, and enjoying the heck out of the ride that is life.

How can you broaden your definition of fun to include what you’re doing? How much does that increase the amount of fun you’re having? How might that impact your life?

Together we can do it!

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