You Made My Day!

After my workout yesterday I headed down to the Starbucks counter in the lobby of my hotel. As I was waiting for my caffeinated drink, I was struck by just how important the coffee barista’s job is to the success and happiness of a whole lot of people whose morning beverage is critically important in starting their day.

I shared this thought with the lovely lady who handed me my cup. Her eyes filled with tears and she said, “Nobody’s ever told me that before.” It was as if a release valve had been turned and she poured out her feelings about how she feels unappreciated so much of the time.

As I was having breakfast I thanked the server, who had waited on me several times over the weekend. I told her how much I appreciated her skill in handling large groups, her efficiency, and above all her pleasant demeanor no matter what the situation. Again this triggered an outpouring of emotion.

What I realized was just how hungry people are to be acknowledged, appreciated, seen, and heard. So much of the time we are caught up in our own drama and never think twice about all the people who facilitate our lives—unless we perceive that there’s a problem.

How does it feel when you are acknowledged and appreciated not only for doing a good job, but for just being you? Doesn’t it feel just as good—if not better—to be the one who is doing the acknowledging and validating?

Today, take the time to find the beauty in others—and then tell them. The day you make might actually be yours.

Together we can do it!