Change This Limiting Belief Getting in the Way of the Body You Want

Yesterday, a fabulous reader and friend sent me a comment saying she had shared this blog that I wrote last June with just about everyone in her family. As I prepare for tonight’s kickoff of the Love Your Way Slim Coaching Program, I thought it was worth sharing with the rest of you.

Design Your Future

Question: What does an 86-year-old woman doing an absolutely awesome gymnastic routine, a 74-year-old fitness instructor, and a 100-year-old running a marathon have that you don’t have?

Answer: The belief that they can do it.

Regardless if your goal is to lose 10 or 100 pounds, recover from an illness, or to climb a mountain, at the core of achieving anything is the belief that it is possible.

One of the biggest limiting beliefs that we have as a society is that we decline with age. One way to test if this is true is to look and see if it is a Universal Truth—meaning it is true regardless of who, what, when, or how.

The examples below clearly demonstrate that being in awesome physical shape is possible at any age.

What happens as we age is that we change, but change does not mean decline unless that is how we define it.

Our minds are powerful enough that if you expect to see decline,  you will.  And just about everyonebelieves in this decline and are using all the people who believe it to justify their belief.

Imagine what would be different about your life if you looked for examples of people doing what you want as a reason to believe it can be rather than using everyone else as an excuse not to try?

Another way to shift your beliefs is to reframe the story you have around change. For instance, lots of people think that with age they have to give up running because of the impact it has on their bodies. A reframe might look like:

  • Perhaps this is actually the opportunity to take up another activity—such as biking or yoga—which you are even more passionate about?
  • Perhaps this is the opportunity to train smarter or look into other solutions, such as changing running techniques as described in Chi Running and elsewhere.
  • Perhaps slowing down and walking really helps you connect with Who you are and what you want out of this phase of life?

Only you know what the right reframe would be for you, but creating a new story of what the change of time means opens you up to the possibility of continuing to grow, improve, and evolve—body, mind, and spirit.

How do you want your life to look as you get older? What beliefs are getting in the way of achieving that vision? What can you do today to begin seeing change in a new way?

Together we can do it!

It’s Not Too Late!

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11 thoughts on “Change This Limiting Belief Getting in the Way of the Body You Want

  1. I want to do that routine when I’m in my 80s!

    In May, just before my 30th birthday, I learned and completed a USAG Level 5 floor routine–tumbling skills and all! The things people told me were, “Don’t hurt yourself,” “You’re not as young as you think you are,” and “You’re not as strong/flexible/nimble as you used to be.” I did it anyway, despite a weak right ankle, a sore back, and stomach muscles that still haven’t totally recovered from childbirth. And it was fun! Gymnastics is more or less out of system now, but it’s still nice to believe and to know that I can do it!

    • Woo hoo! I want to congratulate you for having all those negative thoughts being thrown at you–and still being able to move forward and do it! That is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations! Thanks so much for sharing. What are you doing now to keep you physical momentum going?

      • Hula dancing. In fact, my halau (school) was recently extended an invitation to dance at the Merrie Monarch Festival in 2014! It’s pretty amazing how following one pleasurable pursuit leads to a bevy of other incredible opportunities!

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