Shhh! Your Body Is Listening!

“I’m too old.”

“My body is broken”

“I’m stuck the way I am.”

These were some of the words spoken by a beautiful and amazing woman who was helping me get ready for a photo shoot last week.

As most of my regular readers know, I’ve been in Sedona, Arizona, for the past seven days taking steps to move my business to the next level. This included attending a mastermind retreat, having a professional photo shoot with Lindsay Miller, and getting a full VIP day with my coach, Kendra Thornbury.

The photo shoot was definitely one of the highlights.

Here I was in the process of taking steps to get my message “Love Your Way Slim: Transform Your Mind to Get the Body You Want” to more people, and the woman in front of me was in pain.

Many of the women I work with express similar thoughts and feelings.

This is why I’m doing what I’m doing.

  • Too many women suffer from body shame.
  • Too many women spend their days spewing tirades of self-criticism because their waist bands are tight.
  • Too many women have given up hope.

So I began talking to this woman. And after hearing, “I’m too old” over and over again, I brought her words to her attention.

“Shhh. Your body is listening.” 

Think about the words you are using. Think about the thoughts that you are thinking. Think about the emotions you are feeling. 

Your body is hearing and experiencing it all.

As Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan has shown, even water molecules are impacted by our thoughts.

On just this alone, imagine what your thoughts are doing to your body, which is made up primarily of water.

Your body is working tirelessly on your behalf and you are the captain of the ship. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are impacting how your body looks and feels. 

Are you creating the body you really want—or not?

Begin by softening the words you use. 

  • You may be older, but your body is incredibly resilient.
  • When you give your body the love and physical support it needs, amazing transformations can happen.
  • You just aren’t where you want to be right now.

Pay attention to the thoughts and words you are using. Your body is listening.

Together we can do it!

Here are a few of the photos taken by the incredible Lindsay Miller. “Love Your Way Slim,” my new brand and website, will be launching in December!

26 thoughts on “Shhh! Your Body Is Listening!

  1. As always, great reminders about the impacts of self-talk. This is a helpful reminder for me to pay attention to the words I say to myself and not just be on autopilot!

    Also, those photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They capture your glow perfectly!

  2. Very true, your body is listening, if you keep telling your self you are too big , you believe it. Your thoughts are the first thing to change. The pictures of you are fantastic, you are beautiful! Ute xx

  3. awesome pictures Hanna!! This post is very important, taking negative thoughts hostage and implementing self love and kindness instead has totally changed my perceptions of self~excellent message! xo

  4. Wow. After our visit last night and reading your blog this a.m., I feel like I have had a major breakthrough. Thank you so much. You are awesome.

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