Your Weight Loss Success Is Reflected In How You Dress

Next week I’m heading to Sedona, Arizona, where I will be experiencing my first professional photo shoot with the amazing Lindsay Miller.

I’m super excited—and a little nervous.

And I’ve been thinking a lot about appearance.

One of the quickest ways to achieve our goals is to imagine how the person with that success would think, feel, and act—and then to think, feel, and act that way right now.

This makes sense when you think about the Foundation Principle that “Energy Attracts Like Energy,” also known as the Law of Attraction.

This means you get what you project. If you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself, you will get more opportunities to think negative thoughts. If you are feeling bad about yourself, you will get more opportunities to feel bad.

Even what you are wearing impacts what you project. 

Many of the women that I work with unknowingly perpetuate the cycle of losing and regaining the same 30 pounds by wearing sloppy clothes, or clothes that are too small and don’t fit well because they don’t want to “give in” to their weight gain.

But this actually perpetuates the weight rebound cycle because it impacts how they think and feel about themselves.

This is true no matter what your goal. In my case, if I want to be a successful author and entrepreneur, I need to cultivate the thoughts, feelings, and actions that go with that. This includes looking like a successful author and entrepreneur.

So I’m about to head out the door to go find an outfit for the photo shoot that not only makes me feel fabulous while wearing it, but projects the success and goals I want to achieve.

How you dress impacts how you feel about yourself. Look right now at what you are wearing. Is it the old you or who you want to be? 

Feeling good about yourself boosts your energy and desire to make consistent decisions that move you towards your wellness goals. And the more energy you put towards what you want, the more of that energy you will attract. So the snowball effect begins to work in you favor. 

What do you want more of? Who do you want to be? Does what you are thinking, feeling, doing, and even wearing project that?  

This doesn’t mean you have to transform your thoughts and feelings—or wardrobe—overnight.

All you have to do is slowly and steadily focus more on Who you want to be—and begin making the decisions and choices that person would make.

An easy place to start is with what you are wearing.

  • Does it fit well?
  • Is it in good repair?
  • How do you feel when you are wearing it?

Consciously decide to get more of Who and what you are projecting. 

Together we can do it!

  • Are you struggling with your weight?
  • Are you worried about holiday weight gain?
  • Are you ready to get the body you really want?

I am excited to offer 2 coaching spaces to help you love your way slim. If you are serious about transforming your mind and body, email me at by November 11 to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session. These powerful, empowering sessions are available on a limited basis.

Don’t wait till January 2 to take inspired action. Start creating the body—and life—you want today.


6 thoughts on “Your Weight Loss Success Is Reflected In How You Dress

  1. So true, I have a pair of shoes which my dad bought for me, and I call them my confidence shoes. Wearing them makes me feel I am in control and I can do anything. Needless to say I wore them to the job interview of the post I am still working in. For me it is very important what I wear including underwear and how I feel in it, I need to feel good and must be happy with myself, like that I can love myself a lot easier. (It does not need to be designer wear, which I do not like, but something I really like.)

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