Were You a Halloween Candy Victor or Victim?

A pumpkin created by Villafane Studios http://guardian.tumblr.com/

Halloween is the traditional start of holiday bingeing.

After two months eating and drinking too much of everything, women typically start the New Year feeling horrible about themselves, and with a desperate desire to be slimmer.

But few of those “Go on a diet” resolutions make it past January and statistics show that those few pounds gained Between October 31 and January 2 are never lost and actually accumulates over the years.

Unaddressed, those pounds—and the associated negative thoughts and emotions about your body and yourselfcan have a detrimental impact on your wellness and wellbeing.

So how did you do last night? Were you the victor over the Halloween candy—or a victim?

If you were the victor, woo hoo! Way to go! You are starting the holiday season on the right foot and are on track to feel and be your best on New Year’s Day.

If not—and you feel guilty about it—let it go. It’s not the end of the world. And the great news is you get a brand new day today to make new choices.

Regardless if you were victor or victim, the question is, “What do you do from here?”

Step 1: Get rid of leftover candy. (That does not mean eat it!)

Many of my clients will eat even the candy they hatebecause they don’t want to waste it.

This, my fabulous readers, is faulty thinking. One of the things that holds women back from creating the body and life of their dreams is accepting those limiting beliefs they have picked up from others as Truth.

The Truth is this candy in your body is just as wasteful as putting it in the trash. You can either waste it, or you waist it.

If you can’t give the candy away—throw it away!

Step 2: Decide to take Response-Ability.

As I wrote about in yesterday’s blog, whether you realize it or not, you do have Response-Ability. You have the power to choose what you put in your mouth.

Regardless if your husband brought home your favorite candy, or you didn’t have a single trick or treater, or the candy is super tempting, the candy is not going to knock you to the floor and jump into your mouth against your will.

Whether you realize it or not, you do have the power to make a different choice.

But you have to want to make a different choice.

Step 3: Figure out what it is about being slim that you want.

What feels more compelling? The goal to lose 30 pounds or to eat the candy right in front of you?

Of course it’s the candy!

So you need to look inside for a super compelling reason why skipping the candy feels better.

Step 4: What is your plan?

How are you going to deal with the temptations? How are you going to make sure you aren’t too hungry at parties? How can you ensure there’s something healthy on the Thanksgiving menu?

And know this doesn’t mean all or nothing. This doesn’t mean depriving yourself and not enjoying the holidays. This means figuring out before hand how you can live the holidays that will feel best to you—and then follow through with that plan.

If Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a piece of pumpkin pie, then by all means plan to have the pie! But what other choices do you need to make so that pie is part of your healthy holiday eating plan?

Yesterday was just one day in your hopefully very long life. If you ate more calories than you wanted, what can you do today to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep making progress on your wellness journey?

What can you do to ensure that you feel like a victor come January 2?

Together we can do it!

  • Are you struggling with your weight?
  • Are you worried about holiday weight gain?
  • Are you ready to get the body you really want?

I am excited to offer 2 coaching spaces to help you love your way slim. If you are serious about transforming your mind and body, email me at hannagoss@goss-coaching.com by November 11 to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session. These powerful, empowering sessions are available on a limited basis.

Don’t wait till January 2 to take inspired action. Start creating the body—and life—you want today.

10 thoughts on “Were You a Halloween Candy Victor or Victim?

  1. No kids, so no left over candy. I passed little bags of whole wheat pretzles this year. I purchased a small amount and the few bags left over won’t be much of a temptation. I felt good about not handing out candy to little kids. They don’t need a bunch of that stuff anymore than I do!

  2. Hanna!!! I am so proud of ME!!! tee hee I am a ‘Victor’. I did NOT have a single candy, not even a nibble. I suppose I just don’t have a real ‘sweet tooth’ hey.? I had a huge bowl of Halloween treats and was giving out candy and just did not want any of it! I amazed myself! Ha ha. ♪ I am Woman. Hear me roar♪ Just being silly this morning. Have a super day. Renee 🙂

    • Woot woot! A definite Victor! Way to go, Renee! And being silly is very good for your wellness and wellbeing! Embrace your sillyness! And you are worthy of your own praise and amazement. Not even being tempted by the candy is a big deal! Way to go!

      • Thank you so much Hanna. I do believe ‘silly’ is good and letting our ‘inner child’ out to play is good too. I still enjoy going on a swing and slides, playing with bubbles, actually have my own, and coloring books. Never say we are too old to have fun. Thanks again. 🙂

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