Let Go of the BS Weighing You Down

It should be easy. 

It should come naturally. 

But loving yourself can be darn hard.

This is because you’re dealing with your own BS—Belief System. And you have to let go of the BS to love your way slim.

Here’s a quick and easy test to see if your BS is getting in the way of achieving your wellness goals.

Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you” and really mean it?

If that feels like anything less than complete and total Truth, you have some work to do to let go of the BS that is literally weighing you down.

Often, women I work with struggle to look themselves in the eye and say anything positive. All they can see is their flaws. When they try to say positive affirmations about themselves or their bodies it feels like a big fat lie.

You must learn to love yourself first in order to truly open up your heart to others and strive to be the best version of you. Far from being the selfish act women often think this is, self-love gives you the energy and empowerment to be more self-less.

This is true because All-That-Is (God, the Universe, Source Energy, Higher Coach—whatever works for you) loves you, adores you, and sees your body as perfect.

And just as you are loved and adored by All-That-Is, so is everyone else. Everyone adds irreplaceable value to this world. The more you love yourself—just as you are—the more you are able to love and accept others.

It is not only OK to love yourself, but it is Who you are meant to be.

  • It is time for you to appreciate Who you are, and the unique gifts and perspective that you bring to this growing and expanding Universe.
  • It is time to look in the mirror and revel in the person and body you have helped co-create.
  • It is time to open your heart so that you can more fully love and appreciate yourself—and others.

A simple way to begin loving yourself is to start a daily practice of standing in front of a mirror and focusing on three things that you love.

What are those things about yourself that you can agree with Source are worth appreciating? Today, look for those things. Acknowledge those things. Celebrate those things.

Because you are worthy of your own self-love.

Together we can do it!

I’m excited to announce that I have 3 coaching spaces open to help you love your way slim. If you are serious about transforming your mind and body, secure your spot now by emailing me at hannagoss@goss-coaching.com by November 11 to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session. These powerful sessions are available on a limited basis. Don’t wait till Jan 2 to take inspired action. Start creating the body—and life—you want today.




2 thoughts on “Let Go of the BS Weighing You Down

  1. The more I work to live myself as I am, the more aware I become of the messages out there that are telling me I’m not OK. Today I am choosing to not listen to those messages.

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