How the Wait to Live Your Life Results in Weight

hat are you putting off until you lose weight?

Women I’ve worked with have been waiting to:

  • Take that dream trip
  • Take that class
  • Join the gym
  • Join that dating network
  • Go to the beach/pool
  • Buy sexy lingerie/clothes
  • Apply for that job
  • Start their business
  • Take up a new sport/activity/hobby
  • Etc.

What if the wait to fully live your life is actually adding to your weight?

There are spiritual, emotional, and core reasons this is true, but what it boils down to is being happier now gives you the energy to follow through with the necessary actions.

Think about that. You want to lose weight because you think it will make you happier. But the key to lasting weight loss is being happier now.

It’s a total win/win!

But it can be hard to make the mental shift when you have been putting off your happiness for a while. How do you allow yourself to be happy now when your happiness feels so tied to having the body you want?

Moving forward now can feel so scary.

Here are some tips for moving through the fear:

  • Think about all the reasons Why you want to do that thing you have been putting off. That can range from it just being fun, to helping you meet people and establish relationships, to helping you fulfill your life’s purpose.
  • Think about how doing that thing will make you feel. Will it feel exhilarating? Exciting? Satisfying? Make a list and practice feeling that way right now.
  • Recruit a friend or family member to do it with you.
  • Ask for support from a Wellness Partner or coach.
  • Recognize that you feel your greatest fear when you are about to step into your greatness. Being afraid of the feeling is often much worse than stepping into it.

What can you do today that you have been putting off? How can you use that resulting positive energy to help you reach your goals?

Together we can do it!

2 thoughts on “How the Wait to Live Your Life Results in Weight

  1. I’ve experienced this very concept many times. For example, if I wanted to lose weight and put off buying new clothes until I was at the “ideal weight”, I wouldn’t drop a pound. But as soon as I went shopping, placed value on myself, felt good about me,the pounds were shed.

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