Dress for (Weight Loss) Success

Since I work at home, it would be easy to spend the day in my pajamas.

And I won’t lie. There have certainly been days that being at my desk was a higher priority than putting on my street clothes.

But that is the exception rather than the rule.

Here’s why.

It impacts how I feel about myself.

Every time I walk by the bathroom mirror, my energy level takes a negative hit.

It’s not accurately projecting Who I am and Who I want to be.

And that matters.

This makes sense when you think about the Foundation Principle that “Energy Attracts Like Energy,” also known as the Law of Attraction.

As Albert Einstein so eloquently said with E=MC2, EVERYTHING is energy—including your thoughts and feelings.

This means you get what you project. If you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself, you will get more opportunities to think negative thoughts. If you are feeling bad about yourself, you will get more opportunities to feel bad.

Even what you are wearing sends out an energetic vibration. Do holey pajamas project success, abundance, a joyful and fulfilling life? Or does it project lack and lethargy?

If I feel like I need to hide out when the UPS guy rings the bell, that’s not a good sign.

A lot of women that I work with unknowingly perpetuate the cycle of losing and regaining the same 30 pounds by wearing sloppy clothes, or clothes that don’t fit well because they don’t want to “give in” to their weight gain. But this actually perpetuates the weight rebound cycle because it impacts how they feel and think about themselves.

Now this doesn’t mean I put on a business suit every day. I dress appropriately for working at home. But my clothes are clean, in good repair, and fit well.

When I walk by the bathroom mirror, I feel good about what I see—and each time that gives me a small energy boost. Then having the UPS guy bring me a box feels more like Christmas and I’m happy to see a fellow human.

Feeling good about myself in turn boosts my energy and desire to make consistent decisions that move me towards my wellness goals. For instance, I want to do my workout and to stick to my meal plan for the day.

And the more energy I put towards what I want, the more of that energy I attract. So the snowball effect begins to work in my favor.

What do you want more of? Who do you want to be?

Does what you are thinking, feeling, doing, and even wearing project that? Or are you getting more of the old you?

This doesn’t mean you have to transform your thoughts and feelings—or wardrobe—overnight. All you have to do is slowly and steadily focus more on Who you want to be—and begin making the decisions and choices that person would make.

An easy place to start is with what you are wearing. Does it fit well? Is it in good repair? How do you feel when you are wearing it?

Consciously decide to get more of Who and what you are projecting.

Together we can do it!

15 thoughts on “Dress for (Weight Loss) Success

  1. Beautifully said and so true. I love wearing pretty clothes and feel totally different when I do. Shoes too. Yes I can honestly say I don’t have a single outfit I like for appearance — just comfort and maximum coverage. I’m going to make this a new project. Thank you. =)

  2. Here is where I make my confession I guess! Due to disability preventing me from working and being mostly housebound for the last few years – to say nothing of my food issues and the weight that a certain medication forced me to gain – I’ve developed a habit of slobbing about in my PJ’s too. I have some beautiful clothes which I rarely wear because I’ve developed bad habits – and it does affect my self-esteem.

    Once upon a time I used to shower, brush my teeth and dres before I even ventured downstairs for a cup of tea! I suspect that my downfall was the medical weight gain, and that donating all the clothes I had to buy simply because they fit and not because I actually liked them, now being a stable weight and buying an attractive autumn/winter wardrobe will go a long way towards making me love my clothes more than my dressing gown again 🙂

    • You have certainly been through a lot. The good news is you can see how your self-esteem is different based on what you wear. So glad you are making the choice for an attractive autumn/winter wardrobe. You deserve it! Cheering you on!

      • Thank you for the support!

        I’ve just tried on the new jeans that I ordered from my catalogue. One pair was a little bit tight but they fit well, and when I went to hang them up I discovered that I was accidentally sent a size 10! The other pair is a size 12, and I’m happy to be a 12 at my age (38) – but if I can now struggle into a 10 that’s brilliant. They’ll stretch to fit me anyway 😉

        I am stuck with the big boobs, but being a size 14 on top is still fine with me 🙂

        I was beginning to think that I’d never dare to wear jeans again, but now I think I need to buy more. I feel so much more confident in jeans than I do in leggings!

  3. Another beautiful post Hana. I am retired and have always cared about my appearance and try to look the best I can everyday. I won’t go out wearing sloppy clothes and do wear makeup and do my hair. I don’t wear tons of makeup, more if I am going out for dinner, etc. Like you said it does lift your self-esteem and just helps you feel good about yourself. On that note, I just cooled down after my awesome GYM Workout and need to jump in the shower and get on with my day. Have a terrific weekend. Renee 🙂

  4. I read this post a few months ago and just found it again. It inspired me to get rid of a lot of clothes that are now too big for me, and to also get rid of things that I kept for various reasons, but that just didn’t fit right, or that I never felt very good wearing. Thanks for the reminder that I need to do that every now and again!

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