Look Again

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What are your thoughts about yourself? How much praise is there compared to criticism?

Would you speak to someone else the way you speak to yourself? How would they feel if you did? Would it nourish or diminish them?

If the majority of your self-talk it’s not something you would ever say to someone else, why is it OK to say to yourself?

One of my client’s biggest limiting beliefs is that they are less than—less valuable, less important, less smart, less beautiful, less worthy, etc., etc.—than those to whom they compare themselves.

The truth is you are unique. No one else in the world has had the exact experiences that you’ve had, or sees the world in exactly the same way you do. Your one-of-a-kind perspective adds value to this world. It is important to All-That-Is.

There is a reason you are You.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. You have the potential to have complete creative control over your life. All it requires is shifting your focus to where you want to go, knowing that it is an absolute fact that you will get there, and releasing control of how you arrive at that place.

You are uniquely gifted. Your gifts add to this world the way an instrument adds to a symphony. Your instrument sounds beautiful all on its own, and adds to the whole when it is joined with others. Your instrument only sounds flat and out of tune when you are being less than who you truly are.

You are resourceful and are much greater and wiser than you appear to be. The solution to any problem is always there if you will but take your eyes off the problem long enough to look for it.

You are loved more than you can possibly imagine. Not only by your families and friends, but by people whose lives you have touched without even knowing it. Most importantly, you are loved totally and completely by the Source of All-That-Is.

How can you begin seeing yourself this way?

There are no reprimands or limitations in your mind other than the ones you dish out. No angry hordes will come after you with pitchforks for acknowledging that you are unique, powerful, gifted, resourceful, and loved.

In fact, that spark of good feeling, that sense of upliftment, that outright feeling of joy is letting you know that you are speaking the Truth about yourself—maybe for the first time. And that positive feeling is rebuilding your body down to the cellular level. It is truly at the core of optimal wellness.

Knowing your worthiness can only come from the inside out. You cannot depend on anyone else to see or confirm it.

But I see it. I know this is who you are. And when you allow yourself to see it, too, you will have transformed your mind, which is key to getting the body—and life—that you want.

Together we can do it!

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