Are You Having the Day You Want?

My husband, David, remarked to me the other day that I seemed to be taking a long time to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s because I’m refusing to put my feet on the floor until I feel wonderful! And sometimes I am reveling so much in the deliciousness of the bed and the sweetness of my dog and cats who are all snuggled in around and on top of me that I just get lost in a little bit of bliss.

Far from making my morning stressed and harried, I’m finding that taking the time to set the tone for the day I want to live means I am more energetic, efficient, and I accomplish more.

And it’s so much more fun along the way!

I’m patient and loving with the dogs during their morning routine. I’m eager to give my workout my all. My blog just seems to write itself. The day flows with ease and grace.

Believe me, it hasn’t always been this way.

I used to be a firm believer that things had to be hard to be worthwhile. That achieving goals was a struggle. That getting stuff done took effort, exertion, and stress.

What a revelation that it’s not true!

In fact, just being relaxed and consistently moving forward means I am making more progress—and am loving the journey!

If you no longer expect your wellbeing to show up only when you achieve your goal, but you allow yourself to experience the feeling of wellbeing right now—ahh! The hackneyed saying about enjoying the journey then makes sense.

You are having fun with the people you are engaging with. You are focused and eager. You are enjoying more, laughing more, and appreciating more. Your heart just sings.

And it’s easier to feel when you have fallen out of that high energy place. And because you can feel the difference, you know that it’s worth taking the few minutes to shift your energy back into a positive, anabolic state.

You can do that by:

  • Making a list of things you appreciate, and then reading it
  • Drinking a glass of water and focusing on how each sip feels in your mouth and as it slips down your throat
  • Taking 3 to 10 deep breaths
  • Focusing on the buzz of your computer or hum of the air conditioner
  • Looking out the window and focusing on a bird or plant
  • Putting your hand on your heart and counting the beats
  • Thinking about your pets, kids, or anything that makes you go Ahhh

Just do one of those things for a few minutes until you feel a sense of relief.

And then tomorrow, don’t get out of bed until you feel appreciation for something in your life. See how long you can maintain a positive feeling. Notice what is different when you consciously set the tone for the day you want to live.

Together we can do it!


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