Wellness Tip of the Day

Wellness Tip of the Day: How much of your day do you spend feeling happy? How does that compare with the amount of time you stress and worry? Practice feeling good.

4 thoughts on “Wellness Tip of the Day

  1. I began Relaxation Therapy to slow my mind and address my restless leg syndrome, during my nervous breakdown, one thing I found greatly beneficial was during the relaxation CD it would help me get to a state of deep relaxation and then instruct me to focus on all the things I like about myself, my life, and my positive aspects, to picture myself as successful, powerful, brave, safe, etc To let go of all other thoughts that were fighting there way to the front of my mind, to see them as clouds passing across a big blue sky, they come and they go, to focus on the blue sky not the the negative clouds of thought. It really helped in all areas of my life to be at peace with myself, to take time like that to balance out all the negative pressure and simply be happy.
    I might start doing it again, I miss it. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, Great post!

    • Deep relaxation, meditation, centering–anything that quiets your mind allows you to shift from negative catabolic energy to positive anabolic energy. That is what feels so good! It is a powerful and important technique that I would encourage you to continue to practice. It is enabling you to create some new mental habits, which is what my blog is on today. Thanks for sharing your technique! Appreciate you!

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