Is Action Always the Answer?

Action is a tricky thing.

There’s a lot of advice out there saying you have to jump into action to spur the forces of the Universe to work on your behalf.

And that’s kinda sorta true.

It is true that you will never get fit sitting on your sofa.

But, why are some people joyfully working out and some feel unmotivated to get off the sofa?

Because the momentum for action begins way before the moment comes to get off the sofa and just do it.

There is a build up of energy from thoughts, emotions, and beliefs behind the action or inaction. And willpower alone is often not enough to break out of the energetic pattern you have created.

For instance, if you have spent a heck of a lot of time thinking about how much you hate exercise, you hate sweating, you hate your body, you hate how your body feels when it moves, etc., etc., getting up off the sofa will take Herculean effort.

Not doing the internal work to shift this existing energetic momentum is why so many diet and exercise programs fail.

When you think about the underlying principle that “Energy Attracts Like Energy” (also known at the Law of Attraction), being overly focused on where you are—or where you have been—just keeps summoning similar experiences, situations, and people so that your results never seem to change.

In other words, you just don’t have the mental and physical energy to get off the sofa or maintain your action if you are able to get started–even if you desperately want to.

This can lead to frustration, disillusionment, and even giving up on achieving your goals.

How do you begin to slow down and change the momentum of the internal energetic patterns you have going on? 

This is the missing link to losing weight once and for all.

You begin by thinking about all the reasons you do want to workout instead of all the reasons you don’t.

You tap into how being fit, strong, and slim will feel, and allow yourself to feel that way right now.

It’s giving yourself a heck of a lot of kudos, support, and appreciation when you do get off the sofa, even if it’s just to take the dog around the block.

It’s being OK with doing what you can do, and looking forward to doing a little bit more tomorrow.

It’s looking at the examples of others who have been where you are and have been successful at meeting similar goals so you begin to believe you can do it, too.

It’s staying focused on all the reasons you do want to make the changes and how awesome the end result will feel.

It’s ignoring your fearful inner voice that tries to convince you that the safety of right now is where you want to stay.

And this is where faith comes in.

It’s letting yourself believe that the Universe (God, Source, All-That-Is, Higher Coach—whatever works for you) is on your side, regardless of your current experience.

It’s a willingness to let yourself be optimistic and to feel good now, even when your situation hasn’t changed.

It’s accepting where you are, without letting go of your goals.

It’s an unshakable belief that what you want is absolutely and completely yours and on its way to you, and letting go of any evidence to the contrary.

It’s ignoring naysayers, and being brave enough to think and believe something different from the crowd.

It’s looking inside for the answers and embracing your own internal light.

As you practice these new thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, you begin to notice that it easier to get off the sofa and go walk for 10 minutes. Soon you want to run a mile. And once you get the energetic momentum going, you realize you’re one of those people who is joyfully working out.

What can you do today to change your energetic momentum? How can you practice that again tomorrow? How does this impact your energy to take action?

Together we can do it!

6 thoughts on “Is Action Always the Answer?

  1. We love the way you encourage feelings of self forgiveness for believing old patterns have to stay. Love the way you encourage permission to create peaceful and happy feelings every way a person can for themselves.Adore the way you encourage giving self, the feelings of permission to make decisions from a place of torment or peace.

    You give a really strong directive to a persons energy. It’s not about fixing self. None of us are broken. Its about directing the energy. Thank you. We are free to create peace within ourselves and then it spills out. Thanks for reminding us of this inner action.Thank you

  2. Great post!! I am getting better with this throuh reading your blog and others, but I still have a long way to go to quiet that inner voice. Thanks for the great reminder and nudge! 😉

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