What A Gift

My thoughts are with several friends who have recently had close family members transition after dealing with serious illness.

It is reminding me of the importance of living in the moment.

Each of my friends has been an amazing example of giving and being present. They have stepped up and fully expressed their love and support in time, words, and actions.

How many of us are able to say goodbye without the regret of having left anything unsaid or undone?

Life is precious and we are not always able to consciously be present with the people we love, or to remember to live our own lives as fully as possible. Too often we are worried about the future or are stewing about the past.

Only when you are present can you fully experience the moment-to-moment opportunity to learn, grow, and expand—and reach for more joy and fulfillment.

The key is to not wait for “bad” things to happen to learn these lessons, but to take it upon yourself to practice being present right now.

Here are some ways to practice being in the moment:

  • Notice each bite of your next meal. How does the food feel on your tongue? What are the flavors? How slowly can you finish it?
  • Breathe. Take three slow, deep breaths. Pay attention to how the air feels as it’s moving in and out of your lungs. What sensation follows your breaths?
  • Listen. The next conversation you have with the person you love the most, listen more than you talk. Look at their body language. Listen to the words they are using. Watch their facial expressions. What’s going on with them beneath the surface?
  • Tell someone how much they mean to you. If this was your last conversation, what would you want to leave them knowing? Do they know how much you love them?
  • Totally focus on a task. Whether it’s finishing up a project at work or doing the dishes, pay attention to the sensation of your hands, the colors you are seeing, the sequence of actions. Notice what you are doing as you are doing it.

Today is the only August 2, 2012, that you get. How can you be present and fully experience it?

This moment is a gift that you cannot barter, return, or exchange. No matter what is going on in your life, fully experience right now. What difference does that make in how you think, feel, and live your life?

Together we can do it!

10 thoughts on “What A Gift

  1. As one who has been physically in one place, but mentally and emotionally somewhere else lately this is a message I really needed to hear. I’ve been telling myself to slow down and be in the moment and having some success with it, but it’s a work in progress. Love you!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! The last words I said to Rose were “I love you” and kissed her cheek. I miss her, but I have no regrets. That makes her loss easier to work through – I can spend more time smiling at her memory that mourning her being gone.

    Thank you Hanna!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I love to live in the present, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes I get caught up in the rat race and I have to remind myself to stay positive! I guess it’s good to be self aware, and to know that I have the power to control how I choose to spend each moment.

    Great post – thanks for the reminder.

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