That’s A Stretch

I love how stretching your beliefs is similar to stretching your body.

In both instances, you move in the direction you want to go and when you feel discomfort, you stop pushing, relax, and breathe.

In stretching your body, you move until you feel physical discomfort, and then you stop and breathe into it. As you relax and breathe, the muscles begin to release. As you repeat this over time, your muscles become more flexible and you can reach further until you have a new physical limit. From this new place, you stop pushing, relax, and breathe.

When shifting beliefs, you stretch your thoughts and mind towards Who you want to be or the life you want to create until you feel emotional discomfort.

This may start out as reaching for a thought of gratitude. That for this instant, you can relax and breathe, and be grateful for being right where you are.

As you practice that, you may then be able to reach for the belief that you are forgiven. That all the hurts you imposed and horrible things you have said and done are absolved.

And as you practice the belief that you are forgiven, you may then stretch your thoughts to see situations in the past differently so that you can forgive others.

You may then reach for compassion—for others and yourself. You may reach for the belief that not only are you forgiven, but you are accepted. And as you get comfortable with your acceptance you may reach for the belief that you are loved and adored exactly as you are. That you are worthy of good things happening in your life, not because of what you do, but because of Who you are.

As you practice the belief that you are loved, you then may practice appreciating your life and every experience you have ever gone through because it has helped you become Who you are and formed the basis for the absolute unique and special perspective and gifts that only you have—and that are yours to share with the world as fully as possible.

And then you may reach for joy and see the world in an absolutely new and beautiful way. You may release your judgment about other people and how they’re living their lives. You may reach for unconditional love and for absolute passion in every area of your life.

But just like stretching your body is a process, stretching your beliefs is a process, too. Trying to go from depression to joy all at once is like trying to put your head on your knees when you can only touch your shins. You begin where you are and practice.

What can you do today to move your beliefs in the direction you want to go? When you feel discomfort, stop pushing, relax, and breathe. What can you do to practice that? How can you notice and mark your progress?

Together we can do it!



16 thoughts on “That’s A Stretch

  1. This entry is very interesting to me. I have recently started doing some Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (I had never heard of it before my friend started her training). This method has you get to that point of discomfort, but instead of stopping, you go just a tiny bit beyond that point and see what emotions, what fears, and what feelings come up. Just going to that tiny little point beyond (which admittedly, I have never done before) has opened up so many doors for me! I am finally coming into my own and loving it! I love your post today…just stretching a little bit further at a time until you get to where you were always meant to be 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Wow! This really resonated with me. I love the steps you describe. I feel so fortunate that I get to read your blogs each day!

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