Wellness Tip of the Day

Wellness Tip of the Day: Being is just as important as doing. Have fun every day. Relax and take time for yourself. Where can you make time for you?

5 thoughts on “Wellness Tip of the Day

  1. I know some people think I’m weird, but some of my most relaxing and stress busting times are the times I’m doing “aerobic dance” on the treadmill and then my “mat work” — the music is on, I’m moving my body and feel strong, it helps calm my jittery brain to be in that moment.

    This works when I go hiking in nature, too.

    • How do you do aerobic dance on the treadmill? Every time I’ve tried to do that I’ve fallen off! Most of the time, I agree. Nothing feels better than an intense cardio session. But not right now. Gentle, gentle. Love that you know what works best for you!

      • I always hated aerobics. When I was a trainer, I specialized in strength training. But a couple years ago I decided to try jogging. I started out so slow, I mean, like at 3.0 or so on the treadmill *laugh* – feet barely moving, then I built on that until I could run at a pretty good clip. But I wanted to try intervals – getting my heart rate up high, then taking it down, repeat repeatedly 😀

        One day I did this little skip move and thought “hmmmmm . . .” that started it – I began doing skipping (like a kid) but I would hold onto the sides, then as my balance and strength grew, I let go of the sides. When that became easy, I added jumps and hops and all kinds of other aerobic moves – sometimes I hold on, other times I do not.

        It makes some serious sweat! And my body is transforming.

        To help the balance, I do other balancing moves on the mat – yoga type things and balancing moves on the exercise ball, as well as strengthening.

        Start slow – hold on if you have to! Just experiment.

        I didn’t even know it was a workout certain “celebrities” do and other trainers until I googled it after I’d been doing it a while – it’s interesting to see them do a lot of the moves I do! Google “aerobic treadmill dance” or “aerobic treadmill workout” for ideas!
        dang, this is long!

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