The Best Reason to Be Happy

So often we feel like there has to be a reason to be happy. Often that reason is out ahead of us. We tell ourselves that we will be happy when we lose weight, get that job, have a certain amount of money, meet that deadline, recover from an illness, etc.

How would your life be different if you could let yourself just be happy anyway? How would it be different if you could be happy on your way to losing weight, getting that job, meeting that deadline, recovering from that illness?

Every moment that you deprive yourself of feeling good is like putting yourself in jail and refusing to set yourself free, even though you have the key in your pocket.

Wouldn’t it be better to be happy now?

And if you really need a reason to be happy, what reason can you use? Regardless of what else may be going on in your life, some reasons to be happy anyway might be:

The sun has risen.

• You are receiving these words.

• Someone somewhere loves you. (Probably a lot of someones.)

• You are alive this moment of this day.

• You have some form of nourishment available to you.

• You have clothes for your body.

• You have a body that is working well-enough for you to understand these words.

• There is an abundance of air to breathe.

• No matter what your state of wellness, your body is knocking itself out on your behalf.

• You have at least one thing that you’re really good at and enjoy doing.

• You have a lifetime of experiences that are unique to you.

• You see the world as no one else does, and your perspective is valuable.

• Even if it seems the same, this day is different from all the others that have come before.

• Streams and rivers are flowing, and ocean tides are rising and falling.

• Chances are you have an abundance of clean water to drink.

• The Earth is spinning and producing resources to support life.

• There is an abundance of beauty in the world if you will just look for it.

• The sun will set and will rise again tomorrow.

How can you add to this list? What is in your life right now that you can use as a reason to be happy? Are there people, places, or animals that you appreciate? What about your body is working for you? What do you find beautiful? Where are you abundant?

How happy are you willing to let yourself feel right now? How can you let go of whatever reason is holding you back?

Together we can do it!

12 thoughts on “The Best Reason to Be Happy

    • Love, love, love that! And they will never insult you, send you a nasty email, betray you. They are the perfect thing to appreciate! You can’t go wrong spending lots of time appreciate those pillows or comfy bed!

  1. I couldn’t have said this better, couldn’t agree more…..such a positive and life changing truth that is easy to lose sight of if we let it…..a beautiful reminder, thank you….

  2. Beautiful post, as usual. So many things in my life make me happy, and yet I still sometimes feel unsettled and restless. Thanks for the permission to just be happy right now!

    • The best reason of all is no reason at all. But being able to make others smile is a wonderful reason to be happy! Thanks for reading and commenting! Much love and appreciation!

  3. This post is so right, why do we always have to give ourselves permission to be happy? but we all seem to do it! I have so many reasons to be happy and this post reminded me of that.
    Thank you

  4. im happy i found this article. it is so true. everyone should read this first thing in the morning or right before bed, or whenever needed throughout the day. 🙂

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