Wellness Tip of the Day

Wellness Tip of the Day: Being is just as important as doing. Have fun every day. Relax and take time for yourself. Where can you make time for you?

2 thoughts on “Wellness Tip of the Day

  1. When I visit my son, DIL, and GD in Oregon for two weeks, I completely unplug from the internet for all but maybe 15 minutes to quickly check email towards the end of my trip – it’s heaven! I don’t work on the new novel, either. So, when I come home, I tell myself I can unplug for at least a day or two but often I do not! This is something I must do and will do, though – *she says with emphasis!* 😀

    • How awesome that you give yourself the time to unplug while with your family! Love your commitment to carrying that through once you are home. Glad you are back! Thanks for commenting.

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