Find Your In-Dependence

“When I lose 30 pounds, then I will be free.”


“Once I lose the weight, I can enjoy my life.”


“Once I’m a certain size, I will _____________ (fill in the blank—go to the beach, take that class, take that trip, etc., etc.”


These are common things I hear from clients who are putting off their happiness, joy, freedom—truly living their life—until that miraculous day when they are the magic size and all will be right with the world.

But the sad truth is, unless you change on the inside, even if you are able to meet your goal, you probably won’t feel any different. You might not even look different to yourself. You will not have found freedom, joy, or happiness–because you are seeking it in the wrong place.

As the fabulous Kendra Thornbury reminded me in her blog this morning, “No amount of money, no circumstance, and no person can create the feeling of freedom you long for.”

This includes having a magic number on the scale, or a certain pant size, or even body fat percentage.

The change you are seeking must come from the inside. Truly, what you are seeking is In-Dependence.

To quote Kendra again:

While many of you are walking around disguised as free beings, in truth, you are still dependent on certain things happening in order to feel free.


Your joy, prosperity, peace — are contingent on something outside of you.


This is NOT freedom.


When your freedom depends on the external, you are still trapped.”


Attempting to shift circumstances to feel free is a temporary solution.


And waiting for what is going on outside of you to change keeps you perpetually dependent.


The truth is, when you tap the essence of your being, you will be free.


No amount of money, no circumstance and no person can create the feeling of freedom you long for.


Only you can create it.


You have the power to access this freedom right now.


It begins with getting real about your dependencies, pledging an allegiance to your soul, and committing to live from the truth inside you.


Kendra’s blog was an awesome reminder to me this morning that Source (All-That-Is, God, the Universe, Higher Coach–whatever works for you) is the Source of all that I am seeking. The Source of freedom, love, wellness, appreciation, abundance can only be found inside.

In-Dependence is truly being inner-dependent. When we stop looking outside of ourselves for people or circumstances to change and instead seek the feeling of freedom, love, joy, happiness, etc.—then we are truly free.

What can you do today to generate the feeling of freedom? To begin to know that you are free right here, right now, despite any outside circumstances? To believe that the love and acceptance you have been seeking has been inside of you all this time—and is not dependent on your waist-size.

Together we can do it!


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