My FOMO is Affecting My MOJO

While meeting a deadline, attending a workshop, and traveling over the next few days, I thought I would share the inspiring words of some other fabulous coaches. 

Today’s blog is from my friend, mentor and coach, Jennifer Barley.


Oh. . . I have it. I have it bad.

FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out. It must almost be comical to watch me with all my worked up FOMO. It can sure work me into a tailspin.

Just yesterday I received an email from a friend about a condo available for free in Orlando this week only—did anyone want it?

Ironically, I am going to Orlando a week from Friday to go to Epcot center. So the FOMO kicks in and I start rearranging my week—figuring out how to pack, when I can go, how to get in touch with the person, how do I move Epcot up to this week, can I rearrange my schedule—all of this around the fear of not wanting to miss out.

Free condos aren’t the only areas. My FOMO spreads far and wide to all topics such as sales, meeting people, bike rides, speaking, conducting workshops, teaching, sunshine, beautiful views, traveling, half-price airline tickets, BOGOs (buy one, get one free), chicken wings and groupons. The list can go on and on.

FOMO messes up my mojo because I get all reactive. Sometimes I am not even sure that the “opportunity” is that great of an “opportunity” but I can pour a lot of energy in to it. FOMO can also create a lot of, “What if . . . ?” and “I wonder . . . ?”

FOMO can go the other way and create a pitiful case of stagnation. Me with a restaurant menu says it all. It all looks so good. A lot of the food I rarely eat. Hence my FOMO kicks in as I waffle between multiple items and have the hardest time making a decision—all from not wanting to miss out.

After yesterday’s reaction—which by the way, I passed on—I realized that I am not missing out on anything. I am being present in my life right where I am.

How can I worry about missing out on a bike ride if I am on a wonderful power walk? How can I worry about missing out on Dillard’s semi-annual sale if I don’t really need anything? How can I worry about missing out on meeting people if I just look around and see who is already there?

Don’t let your Fear of Missing Out actually cause you to miss out on your life exactly where you are.


Jennifer Barley is a Professional Certified Life Coach, public speaker, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) instructor, author and former award-winning Weight Loss Leader.

It is Jennifer’s strong belief that every person can create whatever life they choose and she partners with her clients to make it happen. She has a strong talent for motivating, inspiring and adding humor to every situation.

Jennifer works with clients one-on-one, in workshop environments, and through online tele-classes. As the KickStart Coach™ Jennifer is committed to providing the support, encouragement, accountability, and motivation that her clients need to get inspired and get in the game.

You can learn more about her at and read her blog at


3 thoughts on “My FOMO is Affecting My MOJO

  1. I am grateful to Goss Coaching for turning me on to your blog, Jennifer. I love your writing style and your down-to-earth, applicable message. The FOMO bug has bit us all at one point or another – and I am not sure there is a vaccine to ensure our immunity. Thanks for reminding me to swat the pest and get on with my love of living in the NOW. I’ll be back to see what else I can learn from your delightful blogosphere. Bee Well! ;o)

  2. Thank you. It has taken me many years to address FOMO. I wonder if there is a past tense version of FOMO? For example, last year our family had a great visit to Orlando Florida. For some reason, my 8 year old has stated asking “why did we not do X rollercoaster or go to Y theme park while we were there. I keep encouraging him to remember the fun we had, but still drifts toward to focus of whouda, shouda, coulda.

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