What’s the Gift in Not Being Where You Want to Be?

Have you ever noticed when your self-judgment is part of a bigger pattern?

You self-judgment could be about anything, but let’s just use weight as an example.

For instance, you overeat, beat yourself up, and then feel so bad you overeat again.

Or perhaps it’s getting on the scale every morning, and berating yourself because the number isn’t going down, or isn’t going down fast enough.

Perhaps it’s looking at yourself in the mirror and only seeing the flaws.

Perhaps it’s thinking that your body is somehow different from all the others on the planet and it’s impossible for you to lose weight.

Those underlying thought patterns have probably been going on a long time. How well have they gotten you to where you want to go?

What if breaking those patterns–and getting different results–begins with changing the underlying thoughts?

One way to do that is to pay attention to when self-judgment is surfacing and ask yourself, “What is the opportunity for me here?”

Perhaps the opportunity is to learn to better care for yourself so you have more to give to others.

Perhaps the opportunity is to figure out Who you really want to be, and to grow into being that person.

Perhaps the opportunity is to stop what you’re doing and make a different choice.

Perhaps the opportunity is to start valuing yourself, Who you are, and the gifts you have for others.

Perhaps the opportunity is to begin to accept the less-than-perfect aspects of yourself and to love yourself anyway.

Self-judgment is always a signal that there is an opportunity for you, if you stop the action, quiet your mind, and look for the answers deep within. It can be scary and hard to look, but when you do, you’ll find riches instead of persecution. You’ll find solutions, gifts, and a different perspective.

Every experience and part of you has value, even the ones you judge to be “bad” or “negative.” The key is to look for the value—the opportunities—to learn, grow, make different choices, and love Who you are now—and Who you are becoming.

What can you do to begin to ask yourself, “What’s the gift in not being where I want to be?” How can you begin to change those patterns? How do the results you are getting begin to change?

Together we can do it!

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13 thoughts on “What’s the Gift in Not Being Where You Want to Be?

  1. Wonderful blog today as usual! I am going to ask myself that very question today. Thanks Hanna for your wisdom.

  2. ” It can be scary and hard to look, but when you do, you’ll find riches instead of persecution.”

    Amen. Great post. I excel at beating myself up…this was helpful to me today, thanks Hanna.

  3. had this experience on the way to work this morning, was really being kind of a bully to myself and I just stopped and asked what the h3ll am I doing?!? so I started thinking about what makes me a good person and shut that gremlin rascal down!

    • That’s huge! Good on you! You are so worthy! There is nothing you have done past, present, or future that makes you unlovable. You deserve to be loved, not bullied. So glad you made that shift! Love you!

  4. When those negative voices stomp around in my pea-head, I try derail that thinking — most of the time it works, but sometimes those old voices dig in their heels!

    wonderful positive post

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