Keeping Yourself on Track When You Have Been Less Than Perfect

My eating has been less than perfect this week. It hasn’t been horrible, but it hasn’t been spot on, either.

What I love reflecting on is that in the fairly recent past, not being perfect would have meant giving up altogether. My thinking would have been along the lines of, “I’ve blown it,” followed by a lot of really harsh self-criticism that would have resulted in regaining the weight I had just lost.

That old negative, catabolic assault on my mind, body, and spirit felt terrible! It truly was verbal abuse inflicted on myself. I’m so glad I don’t do that anymore!

But this morning, I became aware of a slight undercurrent of catabolic thoughts and feelings (guilt) resulting from a few higher calorie food choices.

Since I am aware of it, I’m going to address it right here and right now.

The main thing I want to remind myself is that optimal wellness is about taking care of me for the long-run.

While I have set some goals for an 18-week transformation challenge, my wellness goals will not end there. I do not have to be perfect to meet my short and long-term goals. What matters most is that I am making progress, and I am definitely doing that.

Yesterday is done. Forget about it. Focus on the choices I am making today. Yes, this weekend will be challenging being with my folks, traveling, and it being my husband’s birthday, but I have the skills and determination to make the best possible choices—and still allow myself to have a good time and truly appreciate what I am eating. As Tony Horton says, “I will do my best and forget the rest.”

And I am doing a great job of getting my workouts in, and my slight splurges have not been nutritionally out there. It’s important to give myself credit where credit is due.

I definitely have the ability to make good decisions about what, when, and how much I am eating—and can follow through with those decisions. One thing I know for sure is that consistently making those small decisions to eat healthy foods and move my body pays off so much. There is not much I love more than physically feeling good and being in alignment mind, body, and spirit.

After this little talk, I feel a huge surge of anabolic energy that I can use to help stay on track this weekend. If I am less than perfect, what’s important is to be aware of and minimize the catabolic self-talk.

Paying attention to my thoughts impacts my feelings, which absolutely results in actions that are either taking me towards my goals or away from them.

Has this example of my internal dialogue been helpful for you? What are the things you do to get yourself back on track when you have been less than perfect? How does that help you reach your goals?

Together we can do it!



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11 thoughts on “Keeping Yourself on Track When You Have Been Less Than Perfect

  1. How we speak to ourselves has so much power in either direction. In the midst of an ongoing difficult situation at work, it has been so helpful to me to start my day with positive self talk and an assessment of where my energy is at the moment. Obviously some days I am higher on the scale than others, but I keep myself moving in an anabolic direction. Your discussions with me in this area have been so helpful! Thanks Hanna for another great blog and tell David Happy Birthday for me 🙂

    • Awesome, Tracy! Way to go on keeping yourself moving in an anabolic direction! Will definitely share your birthday wishes with David. Thanks so much for commenting! I appreciate you!

  2. Great post…I’m feeling far from perfect these days…and with the ample and convincing evidence in front of me it’s hard not to agree with my inner critic. I like the simple saying “i will do my best and forget the rest”. I will keep that in mind as I work through my own inperfections today!

  3. This is my first comment on your blog.
    I really needed a post like this today.
    I have recently started seeing a Dietician to help not only with my weight, but to help to hopefully stop taking some of the medications I have been prescribed. As a cancer survivor and diabetic, recently “gifted” with a pacemaker, I really want to get things back on track healthwise.
    My diet is extreme for me. High protein and low carbs, eating much smaller meals more frequently. It is such a change in lifestyle.
    I am glad I am not alone in having “bad days.” But you just have to keep pushing forward. I am in this for the long haul.

    • It is extremely hard to make such a drastic lifestyle change, but it sounds like you have the absolute right mindset. Just keep pushing forward. So glad you stopped by and left a comment!

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